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What is marketing cost?

What is Marketing Cost


Marketing Cost

The total cost associated with delivering goods or services to customers. The marketing cost may include expenses associated with transferring title of goods to a customer, storing goods in warehouses pending delivery, promoting the goods or services being sold, or the distribution of the product to points of sale.
To further facilitate the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers, then one of the important factors is fixing the sale price, but before you set the selling price in advance, charge marketing is set in the market of goods. According to Philip Kotler marketing costs, marketing management, (2002:28), stated that the marketing costs as the tool used for the connecting means the occurrence of buying and selling goods and services.

Marketing cost is one alternative for companies how to improve goods and services product results, because popping up the same products, the role of marketing costs in the fight against rival and challenges need to be addressed and should be bypassed, incredible detail and Manager of the company is determined by the superiority facing competition presented itself.

When occurs an error in selection in fixing sale price would give influence that could be slow or difficult. The efforts of the distribution of goods and services. Products that already meet Industry Indonesia (SII) standards and already meet the consumer's taste but if it turns out to be a high price compared to the company's product, then product doesn't have the ability or lack of initiative and responsibility, then channeling effort will experience friendship.

In general, the cost of marketing can be differentiated in some sort according to the series, as follows:

  1. The producer to the consumer, is in the form of distribution channels the shortest and simple is the channel of distribution from manufacturers directly to consumers without the use of intermediate, or distributions can be called directly. Manufacturers here less distribution channel who has woken up during this time.
  2. Manufacturers to retailers to consumers, is a thing can be influenced by consumers or retailers directly to make sales to consumers. As for some of the criteria the manufacturers set up shop retailers so that directly serve the consumer, have the influence to society, high personality, known by the community.
  3. Producers to trade to the retailer to the consumer, which means that the distribution channels are widely used by manufacturers, and named as the traditional distribution channels. Manufacturers here only relate to large traders (entrepreneurs) do not serve retailers and sellers. Manufacturers here in particular serve in large party regardless of the retailers and sellers.
  4. Manufacturer to agent to retailer to the consumer, the manufacturer's distribution channels in the Select Agent (agent or factory) as distribution. The main activities of the big run producers in the existing distribution channels and sales target especially submitted to retailers.
  5. The manufacturer to the dealer to trade to the retailer to the consumer, which means this function distribution channel for mutual use of agents as intermediaries to channel goods to wholesalers who then sell it to small shops the agent is visible in the distribution channel is primarily sales agents. 

Calculating the Cost of Marketing

Calculating the Cost of Marketing


 Marketing Budget Plan

Marketing Budget Plan example


Sales and marketing cost model

sales and marketing cost model

Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

content marketing software cost 

content marketing software cost


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