Monday 28 January 2019

What is classification system

  1. Specific system (Deterministic System)

The system operates with a certain behavior that is already predictable interactions between its parts can be detected with certainty so that the output can be predicted. Example: computer programs, implement appropriately in accordance with the instructions.

  1. The probabilistic Systems

    The system inputs and the process can be defined, but the resulting output cannot be determined with certainty; (there's always a bit of a mistake/discrepancy against the course of the forecast system). For example, the marketing system.

  1. Open System

    System related and affected by external environment. This system receives input and generate output for external environment/other subsystem, so had to have a good control system. For example, organizational system has the capability of adaptation (business in the face of a changing market. Companies that can't adjust to be eliminated).

  1. Closed system

    Physical systems in which processes occur does not suffer the exchange of matter, energy, or information with the environment outside the system. The system works automatically without any intervention from outside parties. Examples of chemical reactions in a tube insulated and sealed.

  1. The Relatively Closed System

    A closed system but not closed completely to receive other influences. The system is in operation can receive influences from the outside are already defined in some certain boundaries. E.g. system computer system (only accepts input specified previously, the process, and provide output which is also predetermined, not affected by the turmoil outside the system).

  1. Artificial System

    A system that mimics the events in the system. This system was established based on the incidence in nature in which humans are not able to do it. In other words, knockoffs that are on. For example, the system of Artificial Intelligence, namely a computer program capable of making the computer as if thinking. Robotics systems and others.

  1. Natural System

The system formed from natural events. For example, the sea, solar system, and others.

  1. Manned System

    System explanation of behavior which include human participation. This system can be describes in the following ways:

    Human-human System, a system that focuses on human relationships

    Human-machine System, the system that includes the machine for a purpose

    The system of machines, automate system in which human beings have a duty to start and end the system. While the man involve was also to monitor the system. The machine interacts with the machine to do some activity. This makes the automaton increase the importance of the concept of organization. In which man is freed from routine tasks or physical tasks.

    The designer of this system a lot more using the method of "Closed and Highly Deterministic System", because the system is in normal use more easily predict the results will be obtain and more easily regulate and supervise.

    In the field of information systems, computers and computer programs are usually "Closed and Highly Deterministic System", but the human factor as the processor is "Open Probabilistic System.

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