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Vision and mission | Significance | components / Mission Statement

Vision and mission

The sense of mission and vision

The vision is a foresight about the ideals and imagery that want realized an institution/organization in the future, so as to answer the questions of the institution/organization would like to be like us?

While the missions have the sense of something that should be run by an institution/organization in accordance with his vision.

Vision (Vision) is a series of sentences that stated goals or dreams of an organization or company wants to achieve in the future. Or it can be said that a vision is a statement of your organization want to be or the company. The vision also is very crucial for a company to guarantee the sustainability and long-term success.

Mission is a series of sentences stating the purpose or reason for existence of the organization that contains what is provided by the company to the public, either in the form of products or the service.

The Mission of the company: the importance of a clear mission, the nature of the mission, the various components of the mission statement

The importance of a clear Mission

The mission is the starting point for the planning of the managerial duties, and above all, to the design of managerial structure, so the mission became the Foundation for the priorities, strategies, plans and the assignment of work.

A clear mission statement is very important to set goals and formulate strategy. Recommends the company to develop a mission statement for the following reasons:

  1. Ensure the basic purpose of the Organization

  2. Provide a base or standard for allocating resources in an organization

  3. Create the conditions of climate or public organization

  4. Be the main point for individuals in identifying the purpose and direction of the organization.

  5. Facilitate the translation of goals into the structure of the work involving the expulsion until the elements of responsibility within the Organization

  6. Provide the basic purpose of the Organization and the possibility of translate for the basic purpose of this being the goal in such a way to form the parameters of time, cost, and performance can be evaluated and controlled.

The nature of the mission

The mission statement is more than just a statement that details and specifics. The mission statement of purpose and scope of the operations in terms of product and market requirements. A strategic mission of providing general information about the products a company produced and want to market that will be served by using its internal core competencies.

An effective mission will build individual and uplifting, inspiring, and relevant to stakeholders.

Characteristics of a mission should reflect:

  1. Declaration of stance, the mission was a declaration of stance and expansive spaces in scope, including:

  • Statement mission that both allows for alternative thinking and formulation of objectives and strategies that are feasible without compromising creativity management. Mission that is too specific, limiting the growth potential of the Organization, otherwise too general, makes the alternative strategies become dysfunctional.

  • The mission statement should be broad enough to unite the differences effectively and have an attraction for shareholders. Stakeholders affect and are affected by the Organization's strategy, but demands different thinking and often contradictory.

  • An effective mission should create positive emotions and sense of organization.

  • Inspiring and motivating to action.

  • Generate the impression that the Organization's success, have a direction, and is worthy to receive all the time, support, and investment from as much as stakeholders.

  • The mission must also be dynamic in orientation

Customer Orientation, a good mission statement explains the basic goals, customers, products, markets, philosophy, the basic technology. A good mission should:

  • Reflecting the anticipation of our customers, by always identify drivers and wants then provide products to meet the needs.

  • Identify the usefulness of the product for the customer, then the mission was not focused on products, but function or usability.

Declaration of social policies (social responsibility), is the highest placement of the philosophy and the thought of founding the Organization and managerial. Social issues Sue strategist not only obligate towards the stakeholders. But also no less importance for the customer, environmentalist, minority groups, the public, and other groups. Social policies directly affect customers, products, markets, technology, profitability, self-concept, public image. Social policy should be integrate in all the activities of strategic management, including the preparation of the mission.

The various components of the mission statement

There are nine characteristics that should be embodied in a company's mission. Because the company's mission is part of the process of strategic management. That will be publish to the public, then the company's mission We recommend. That you include the principal components of the ninth, which consists of:

  1. Customer: mission should explicitly mention who become customers for the company's products

  2. Product or Services: in this case the company must specifically mention any product or service that is produced by the company.

  3. Markets: this statement is explained in the market where the company's products will compete with products produced by competitors.

  4. Technology: the mission statement mentions the direction of technology development companies to meet the needs of consumers.

  5. Concern for survival, growth, and profitability. In this case the mission statement clearly shows the company's commitment towards. The company's survival, growth and the ability to generate profits (Profitability).

  6. Philosophy: the mission will describe beliefs (beliefs), value (values), aspirations. The ethical priorities of the company.

  7. Self-Concept: the mission will explain what was to become the leading competency (distinctive competences) of a company compared to its competitors.

  8. Concern for public image: the mission will show what company has a response. To social problems, social as well as environmental issues.

  9. Concern for employees: in this mission statement will indicate. Whether the employee is a valuable asset for the company.

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