Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Marketing Mix - Importance & Elements

The marketing mix  is a term used for the combined in determining the four (4) separate issues, namely regarding the product, price, promotion and location. Of the four P's i.e. product, price, place and portion in the marketing mix,  as follows:


The product is a series of problem-solving rather than a product, in particular banking products. Then it would arise some questions and problems:

What Services are needed and how many hours it takes consumers need Ministry.

For a service, what is the most interesting name is call. Do we hold an offer which are quite extensive and select a type of service?

The price

The price is part of the calculation rather than the whole elements of costs during the production process, so that it can be determined reasonable prices set there is a result of the production of goods.

What is a reasonable price for integrated marketing?

How customer satisfaction calculates on offer. How to take into account the cost of how rival influence and so forth.


The promotion is to introduce a product to the general public, especially products that consumers who bank, where they are located. What is needed, and how to communicate with them conclusively, what shall we say of the goal of communication is what we use when it will be done.


The location is the determination of where the most suitable company location is close to the producer or are close to the consumer, where the possibility of the location of the Office or unit. What form of service exists on the site?

In special in the development of marketing mix (the marketing mix) as the basis for annual planning, many policies that can be done by the production manager. In making annual plans that production manager can choose one or multiple wisdom as expressed by, marketing management, Essence (1999:146), as follows:

Consider the price increase

If the demand is relatively inelastic, then an increase in selling price would increase sales results. In this case each company's sales volume will affect variable costs at a certain level of sales.

Consider a reduction in the size or contents of the packaging from. This reduction will reduce variable costs at a certain level of sales.

Considering a new design, this new design costs can be charged to marketing research, while the cost of making new packaging more expensive, then it can be charged as a variable cost.

Considering the changes in the quality or characteristics of the product. If the cost of ingredients is more expensive, then the variable costs of unity will go up. In addition, the budget market research will also rise in the cost of testing.

Consider looking for ways of decreasing the cost of distribution and delivery. Consider the change in expenditure-expenditure for marketing research. The greatest Freedom for the production manager in the planning is on the contribution margin. Base on that explanation, then to obtain a description of what could be a decision on increasing the volume of sales. In addition, there is also the wisdom of alternative mixes are available, making. It difficult to run experiments to find out experiment a variety of combinations.

Potential Markets

To develop potential markets that often experience changes in costs, changes in competition, changes in consumer tastes cause the need which he changed the mix from time to time. Nature but nevertheless the decisions made with attention to the marketing mix.

The company has always endeavor to live thrive and capable bracing, in terms of this is every company always sets the strategy and how its marketing activities are perceive. Marketing activities conducted, geared to reach targets companies. That can change the level of profits of the company in the long term.

Specific markets as well as the total units and the total volume of sales in a certain period of time. The direction of the marketing activities can only be complete by setting the outlines of a guideline. Even or benchmark/general guide the company in the field of marketing.

Certain marketing wisdom in line with the concept of marketing. Which emphasizes the granting service, emphasizes the service to consumers. Through the activities and the strategy of an integrated market, and allows getting profits in the long run.

Element of the strategy

One element of the strategy is the integrate marketing strategy marketing mix. Which is the strategy of running the company with regard to the determination of how companies present. The product offerings on a certain market segment which is the target its market.

The marketing mix is the core of activities of the marketing system. Where variables can be control by the company to the reactions of the influence of buyers or consumers. So the marketing mix consists of the set of variables that can be control and use by companies to influence consumers in their target market response. Variables or such activities need to be combine and coordinate by the company as effectively as possible, in its marketing activities. Thus the company doesn't just have a combination of activities that best course but can coordinate various marketing mix variables to implement marketing programs effectively.

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