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Project resources Overview & acquisition

overview of project resource management

Project resource management is a series of activities from procurement to management to identify resources necessary for a project.

There are "human resources" and "physical resources" roughly from the resources here.
Project resource management is also called "human resource management" because it accounts for a large proportion of "human resources".

Human resource management is one of the items of PMBOK.

specific process of project resource management

project resource management involves the following processes:

  • resource management planning
  • activity resource estimates
  • acquiring resources
  • team development
  • team management
  • resource control
  • the following is a specific description of each process.

resource management planning

resource management planning is the process of defining policies for the procurement and development of resources necessary for a project.

create a "resource management plan" using"project charter" and "project management plan" as input.
the resource management plan includes organization charts, resource plans, role plans, training plans, recruitment plans, and more.

activity resource estimates

estimating activity resources is the process of determining the amount of tasks that occur in a project and estimating the resources required for a project.

if it is "human resources", we estimate the number of people required for the project, and if it is a physical resource, the type and quantity of materials required are estimated.

create a "resource calendar" that summarizes the resources you need, when and how much you need them, where to source them from, and so on.

in addition to purchased items, rental items are also included in the procurement of resources.
depending on the project, you may want to rent equipment that is necessary to verify the software you have developed.

in that case, equipment will be rented according to the verification period.

if you proceed with the procurement of resources without considering the schedule, it may affect the progress of the entire project, so be careful.

acquiring resources

resource acquisition is the process of actually sourcing the resources needed for a project.
secure, assign, role, and team.

when thinking about building a team, it's important to align with the skills and roles of the members participating in the project.

after the team is organized, create a "system diagram" that clarifies the roles and chain of command of each member.

some projects may be staffed externally.

in that case, you will be communicating by "e-mail", "remote meeting", etc.

when all project members proceed with the project without gathering in the same place, it is necessary to consider how to communicate.

team development

team development is the process of developing members to improve the performance of a project team.
development involves not only enhancing individual skills, but also fostering cooperation across the entire team.

we aim to raise the skills of the entire team members by holding study sessions, sharing materials and technologies, and matching their recognition.

it is an important activity that leads to improving the quality of project deliverables and shortening the schedule.

the idea of a"tackman model" may be used to clarify the status of team development.

team management

team management is the process of managing team performance.

as multiple people work on the project, there can be disagreed opinions and conflicts between members.
at this time, even if only a part of the members are at odds, it is important to think of a solution as a problem for the entire team.

team problem solving is summarized as conflict management.

resource control

resource control is the process of managing the proper use of resources, planning and performance.
if it is "human resources", the right person arrangement of project members is managed, or if it is "physical resources", materials are used as planned.

for materials, check the consumption rate against the number of purchases and consider additional orders if there is a shortage.

project resource management tools and techniques, there are various tools and techniques for project resource management.

resource acquisition overview

resource acquisition is the process of securing team members, equipment, equipment, materials, etc. needed to complete project work.[1]。

If resource management is carried out in accordance with PMBOK, "What is the policy of acquiring resources by this project?" through two processes, "Resource Management Planning" and "Activity Resource Estimation" leading up to the process of acquiring resources. You should be in a state where "what resources are needed?" is organized.

Based on this information, actually acquiring resources is an activity in the process of acquiring resources.

resource acquisition output

now let's review the resource acquisition output and clarify the goals of this process.
the main outputs of resource acquisition are as follows:

  • allocation of physical resources
  • appointment of project team
  • resource calendar
  • change request
  • updated project management plan
  • resource management plan
  • cost baseline
  • in the process of acquiring resources, you actually acquire the resources necessary for the project.
  • resources are the people, goods, and money necessary for a project.
  • through the process of acquiring these resources, physical resources can be allocated, and the appointment of a project team can be made by securing people.
  • you can also write more detailed information in a resource calendar that summarizes the schedules that resources need.

in addition, if you find that changes are required to the resource management plan or cost baseline that you have created so far, make a change request and update these documents.

resource acquisition input

the input used to help you advance the resource acquisition process is as follows:

  • project management plan
  • resource management plan
  • procurement management plan
  • cost baseline
  • project documents
  • project schedule
  • resource calendar
  • resource requirements
  • stakeholder register
  • environmental factors of the organization
  • organization's process assets
  • let's take a look at what to check from these input.

resource management and procurement management policy

in order to proceed with the process of acquiring resources, it is the policy of resource management and procurement management.

we will confirm the policy of resource management from the resource management plan and the procurement policy from the procurement management plan.

what resources are needed?

in order to acquire resources, we will confirm what kind of resources are necessary from resource requirements.

in addition, since it may be necessary to acquire specific resources according to the wishes of stakeholders, we will confirm requests and expectations from the stakeholder registry.


even if you acquire resources, you can't spend unlimited money.
review the budgets that can be used to acquire resources from the cost baseline, for example.

when resources are needed

resources are meaningless if you don't have them at your fingertips when you need them.

also, even with the same resources, the difficulty of earning will change depending on the time of year you need it, and the amount required will change.

therefore, it is necessary to check when resources are needed from the project schedule and resource calendar.

resource status

we will check what kind of transactions are being done in the market and where the resources we are trying to acquire are located from the environmental factors of the organization.

organization know-how

in acquiring resources, we will check from the organization's process assets whether there is any know-how on acquisition and allocation after acquisition.

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