Wednesday 2 January 2019

Job Training | Objective | Purpose | Benefits

A Job training according to the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia number 13 Year 2003 about the Employment is overall activity to give, acquire, enhance, and develop a work competency, productivity, discipline, attitude, work ethic and at the level of particular skills and expertise in accordance with the level and qualifications of Office or employment. Good training can provide benefits for the company and also manpower.

Following this there is a 3 goal or Objective that is reached from the activities of training or training, namely:

  1. Science (Knowledge), The new employees trained is expect to gain enough knowledge to be able to work on the task is to be provided.

  2. Ability (skill), The new employees are trained and expect to be able to undertake the task when placed on the process that has been determined.

  3. The determination of attitude (attitude), after doing the expect training new employees can have an interest and awareness of the work that is going to do.

Training can be done by the company itself internally or by outside agencies perform externally either invite Trainers from outside and conduct training within the company itself or sends its employees out to train.

Generally, electronic assembly production company has a Training Center (training center) in its own environment to conduct training against actionable. But in certain situations, such as the existence of new technologies, new process, new system, lack of motivation and staff development coach then these companies will conduct training externally.

Training is a process which is very important in providing competent Manpower (skill) to meet the standards of production. Unfortunately, there are still many who have not been serious in terms of organizing effective training.

The Benefits of Job Training

Although the Training or training is a very important activity in generating high-capable manpower in carrying out its work. However, the activities of Training or training also has weaknesses, especially in regards to the financing of training/training. Here are some Advantages and disadvantages in the organizing of training:

Benefit or Advantage training (once train):

  1. Increasing Productivity or production quantities

  2. Avoid or reduce errors in work

  3. No need for monitoring (monitoring).

  4. Necessary changes in attitude.

  5. Have the ability in the work.

  6. Avoid or reduce Turnover (turnover of employees)

Weakness (especially in cost of training/training)

  1. Salary or wages and time use by the Trainer (Trainer).

  2. Salary or wages and time use by employees are train.

  3. The cost of materials for training (training Materials cost)

  4. Other costs incur for the Trainer (Trainer) and Trainees.

  5. Cost facilities and equipment for training.

  6. Loss of productivity while conducting training
    (meaning: when employees are train not to do the actual work is not productive).

Types of Training/training

Here's some type of training or training in an enterprise:

  1. Job/Technical Training-training based on the job/task or Technique required

  2. Interpersonal and Problem solving Training. -Training to solve problems in production

  3. Developmental and innovative Training. -Training for development and innovation.

  4. Required and Regular Training-training routine.

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