Wednesday 2 January 2019

Job description – Position and specifications

A Job Analysis is the main tool used to collect data on employment or Office. The process of Job Analysis this will result in two groups of data, namely data collection Description terms (Job Description) and specification of terms (Job Specification).
Both of these data sets are need by the Manager of HUMAN RESOURCES to determine the right people to fill jobs-jobs that are need by the company so that it can put the right people in the right position or positions. The description of the position and specifications of the Office can help the management or employees to understand what is actually require by the company.

The description of the position and specifications of the Office is an important part in the analysis. Clear and accurate information that can help organizations and workers. To tackle various challenges at a time when the workers officially became a candidate for the employees on the company in question.

The Description of the Position (Job Description)

Description job title or Job Description is a description of the basic work that includes an Office. That includes tasks, competences, responsibility and other important information that is attach to the Office. An example of the information in the description of the Office include. Such as your name, job title and location of the work environment, information reporting, summary of work, nature of work. The purpose of the work, tasks that must be done, working conditions, machinery and equipment. Which will be use as well as the dangers and risks involve.

The Purpose of the Description of the Position (Job Description)

  • The main purpose of the description of the position is to collect data relating. To the work of the Office in question and for a talent employee recruitment advertising.

  • Give a clear view about the kind of candidates require by specific departments or divisions to do certain tasks and jobs.

  • To determine what should be communicate to the candidates about the job. What would and also what to do if elect.

Job description or the description of the position is basically can be distinguish into two types namely Common Position Description and description and Position. General description position description job title is use by the Organization. To find basic information about a specific occupation or position. Although it includes tasks that must be perform by workers. But in general this position description does not contain sub-tasks, performance standards and the basis for evaluating a job and do not specify a package of compensations.

The second type of Description is a description of a specific term of Office. Specific position descriptions provide information that details of what became the responsibility of the Office. A specific description of the Office also includes the main task, sub-task, core functions as well as details on each job. A description of the specific post detailing all the work that must be done by employees. How to do the job as well as the desire performance standards.

Specification of Terms (Job Specification)

 Specification of terms (Job Specification) or also known by the specifications of the employee is written statement about educational qualifications, level of experience, special skills, the quality of the physical, emotional, and technical ability communication that is need to do the job and responsibility involve in the job. This Term also covers the specifications of general health, mental health, intelligence, talent, memory, leadership skills, adaptability, emotional ability, flexibility, behavior, creativity, ethics and more.

The Purpose of the Specification of Terms (Job Specification)

  • Base on the information the description of Office, term specification helps candidates (applicants) analyzing whether he qualifies to fill certain jobs or not.

  • Specification Office can help recruiting teams to understand whether the candidates. Who apply for the compliance of the level of qualification, quality, characteristic of other terms. To fill the position require by the company.

  • Specification of the Office provides detail information on the responsibilities, technical skill and the desire physical. Ability to communicate and other requirements need to perform a particular job.

  • Specifications Office help select the most appropriate candidate. To fill the vacant position is need by the company.

The description of the position and specifications of the Office are the two integral parts of the Analysis. The description of the position and specifications of the Office defines. A complete job and lead a team of recruits and applicants to undergo the recruitment and selection processes. So companies can get the right employees to conduct job or fill in the require position.

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