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Job Analysis Methods

A Job Analysis methods are one of the important process to put the right person in the right position. To be able to conduct analysis of Office with effective management, especially human resource management (MSDM) need to collect data and information related to the work or the Office.
To collect the data and information, the management will usually choose one or a combination of several methods depending on the needs and requirements of the Organization and objectives of the Office analysis process.

Select the appropriate term of methods of analysis usually depends on the organizational structure, hierarchical level, nature of work, responsibility and tasks that are involved in it. Before choosing the right method to do an analysis of the Office of human resources management. It should first examine the pros and cons of each method. That will be use because the data and information obtained for this position analysis.

It is very important to help companies or organizations in addressing the current market trends, the necessary changes of the Organization and address the daily problems that occur.

Basic Methods of Job Analysis

There are three methods that are generally used in the analysis of the position or the analysis of this work. The third method of analysis of the Office include the Observation Methods (Observation Method), the method of interview (Interview Method) and methods Questionnaire (Questionnaire Method).

Using the methods

On the method of analysis which uses this observation, an analyst position (the person doing the analysis position) observed an employee and noted all the good it's doing its job or not it does, responsibility or not the responsibilities, skills required, methods or ways used to perform the task as well as mental or emotional ability and is needed to deal with the challenges and risks.

Perhaps many consider that this observation method is easiest method but in fact is not so. This is because each person has their own special way to observe something and everyone also has their own way of thinking in interpreting his discoveries or what he had seen. Thus, the process of this observation may lead to a bias in the results of his observations.

Observations for Job Analysis Methods

Feeling likes and dislikes personally can also generate observations which are not appropriate or not actual results. One of the best ways to address this observation method is through special training analyst position or training against people who perform a task analysis of the position.

There are three special techniques for this observation, i.e. with direct observation (direct observation), analysis of methods of work (work analysis method) and the critical incident technique (Critical Incident Technique). Direct observation or direct observation is observe directly and doing recording an employee's behavior in different situations.

Analysis of the working methods or Work Methods Analysis is the analysis of observations include time and motion in particular, technical analysis is normally used on plant employees who do the Assembly. While the third technique is critical incident technique that identifies behaviors that result in job performance.

The method of interview

 The interview is a method of collecting data and information in a way to pose questions directly to employees. In General, there are three types of interviews that is individual interview. That may associate with the employee only interviews with groups of employees working on the same job. Even and interview with a supervisor(s). The concern employees who know the job.

With the method of this interview, an employee was interview to obtain information about the problems they face. The use of a particular technique or way and the skills necessary to do the job. This interview method may also help the interviewers to know what really prime by employees about their own responsibilities and his work.

To get an honest and true results as well as data and information are original, the questions asks during the interview should be selected carefully and cautiously. To avoid errors, we recommend that you interview more than one individual to get a response. Can be two or more individuals who do the same job or interviewing supervisor or supervisor employee/individual concerned.

The method of Questionnaire

Method Questionnaire is one of the methods of data collection and analysis of information for frequently using the term. The questionnaire is a list which contains the questions that should be answer by the employees that will be analyze.

The advantages of the method of this questionnaire is to collect a certain amount of information about jobs. In a relatively short time and costs are relatively cheap with a note. That employees can accurately analyze and communicate information about their work.

But employees who are ask to fill out a questionnaire. That the possibility of having your own personal bias and perceptions of its own. To the questions contains in the questionnaire. So that it raises the bias and inaccuracies in the information.

Therefore, it is recommend to combine it with the method of interview and observation to clarify and verify information questionnaire. Good communication between management employees will be analyzed in his post is also very necessary.

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