Wednesday 2 January 2019

Increase employee commitment

Commitment to the organization is a situation where an employee's favor on an organization and its aims, as well as the intention of maintaining membership in that organization. Considering how important a commitment in freedom then it is not an exaggeration that commitments should be constructed maintained and enhanced.

Strengthen the commitment of the Employees in an organization can be done two ways, namely by reducing the work demands of employees and enhance the capabilities of employees.

Reduce the demands of the Employees:

  1. Determine Priorities aimed at reducing the demands of work employees with useful activities and delaying or eliminating useless activity.

  2. Set the focus, the demands of the employees can be too high because no is focused, a company can do to implement some very important activity only. In this regard the focus by determining the themes for his company activity

  3. Doing engineering, engineering production processes can reduce employee demands, engineering can be shortening, automation, and simplification of work.

Enhance the capabilities of Employees

  1. Control is to give employees the authority to control the decisions about how their work

  2. Strategy or vision that is offer to employees of vision and direction that makes them have a commitment to working hard.

  3. The challenge of work i.e. gives employees a stimulating workplace that can develop new skills

  4. Collaboration and team work was forming a team to do the job.

  5. A work culture that is building an environment openness, attractive, fun and full of awards.

  6. Share the profits is to provide compensation to employees due to finish the job properly.

  7. Communication that is disseminating information as often as possible and openly.

  8. Concern is ensuring that every employee implement according his dignity.

  9. Technology that is giving employees technology that makes their job easier.

  10. Training and development is ensuring employees have implement to do their job well.

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