Wednesday 30 January 2019

How do you manage employee performance?

The job related activities expected of a worker and how well those activities were executed. Many business personnel directors assess the employee performance of each staff member on an annual or quarterly basis in order to help them identify suggested areas for improvement.

Managing Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Performance in everyday language is an activity in the exercise of activities to achieve a specific goal, while the employee is a person who has been accepted as the employees who work at the company.

  • Employee performance is the physical output per unit of effort that is productive.
  • Performance is the level of marketing management and effectiveness in the use of its facilities for income.
  • Employee performance is the effectiveness of the use of labor.
  • Employee performance is a measurement of how well resources are shared within the Organization to complete a set of outcomes.
  • Performance of employees was an attempt to reach the highest level (level) of performance practice (performance) with the use of minimal resources.  

Some points state that are:

  • Employee performance is essentially an attitude that has always had the view that quality esik better than today.
  • Employee performance in general contains the sense of comparisons between results achieved with the overall resources used.
  • Employee performance are two different notions, is the increase in revenue/sales showed an increase of results that have been achieved, whereas an increase in sense of increasing employee performance contains results and improvement ways the achievement of the desired income.

Performance improvements can be seen in the three factor:

  1. The amount of revenue/sales rise by using the same resources.
  2. The same number of sales or increase is achieved by using less resources.
  3. The number of sales that far greater value added obtained by resources that smaller relative.

Human resources play a role in the process of improving employee performance, because of added income/sales and technology in fact is the work of man. The States that the employee's performance is a comparison between results achieved with the role as well as employee time unity.

The employee's performance is as a comparison between the output (results achieved) and inputs (labor), where the performance of the employee that is used during the process income is found on the input into income.
In his introduction to the economics of human resources (2000:15) States that employee performance is a performance factor does directly used in the process of revenue.

With regard to the employee's performance as the factor inputs (input) that is most important in order to improve the performance of employees in a given instance, then the effort towards the use of employee performance should be effectively implemented by the Agency itself. Efforts to effectively use employee performance can be implemented through a variety of approaches such as the implementation of education, training and various other efforts undertaken in this discussion. 

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