Monday 17 December 2018

Workplace Management

A workplace management is the key to making yourself more efficiently and increasing your productivity through organizing the things surrounding you in your working space.

The one that became the focus of the company in improving the performance in the intense competition of the global business leaders right now, companies are expected to always directs his strategy is right on target-driven and focused on aspects of Kaizen completes on schedule ( quality, costs (cost), shipping (delivery), in the application of the system of integrated management in Workplace workplaces.

The initial requirements to reach it one must campaign begins with a through approach builds man as its resources to be more skillful in mastering the process of producing an effective, efficiency and quality.

As an initial step that should not be ruling out. Then the repair should begin at the change of the mindset of employees as vital elements. That play a role in strengthening the Foundation of harmonious concept of superior performance management that Workplace.

Introduction to workplace management

This can be achieved the commitment of the leaders Summit on each organization to always increase the skill and knowledge of the workers in order to better through sharp company leaders in applying principles of management the Workplace right in accordance with the conditions of the company.

In the context of Workplace management commonly known as "Genba kanri" a systematic management system in carrying out the operational work is controlled by emphasizing decision-making against problems tibul in the place of the actual events as the first step in performing the repair process based kaizen.

There are three foundations of Workplace management, known as the "3 Real" that is a real place or Workplace (genba), the real thing (genbutsu) and realfact (Genjitsu).


 Genba (a Real place):

Genba is the place where the action is carried out and always have the potential of getting a chance to always dialakukan improvement in achieving standards that chill.


Genbutsu (Real thing):


Genbutsu refers to the products, machinery or material. If there are problems related to production elements in field then immediately checked go directly to where the actual events (the area of Workplace) to understand more what happened to do prevention. It is a typical concept of management based in Japan that any settlement of the problem in doing workplace where problem occurred, not from a distance or in a meeting room or space management.


Genjitsu (Real facts):


When making a visit to the scene that is actually require. To do some checking and support by accurate data and uses the concept of the question. Why 5/5 Why to identify potential problems as the root causes of It actually was. In this context the Workplace management settlement problem should be 21 days in team work with escalation systems. Approach in accordance with the weight of problems occurs.

An author of management of Japan which introduce the West to the idea of kaizen. Wrote a book title "Gemba Kaizen". This combine the concept of gradual improvement (kaizen). With the presence of on-the-spot (Gemba)-were there to see any opportunities for improvement.

Masaaki Imai, a pioneer of the TPS (Toyota Production System). Ssays there are five rules of what it call Gemba/Workplace Management:

  • When problems arise, Go /genba (Workplace).

  • Check genbutsu-objects that are relevant-because "seeing is believing".

  • Do provisional countermeasures in place to resolve the problem.

  • Then Search/identification of the root causes of the problems that arise.

Benefits of application of workplace Management System (Genba kanri):

  • Motivation employees to achieve the target SQDCM standards (Safety, Quality, Delivery,

  • Cost & Moral).

  • Involving everyone in the process of decision making

  • Department management problem is consistently based on priority, through the application

  • a structured problem solving. (example: problem solving sheets)

  • Escalation carried out regularly and clearly, in the process of settlement the problem.

  • Problem solving is complete in the short term in the real time.

  • The use of resources through an efficient, transparent visualization throughout

  • Production Performance delivered in a transparent and visualize.

  • Better communication and improving the efficiency of the discipline disappear and the quality.

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