Thursday 13 December 2018

What is Kanban Method

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The Kanban Method is a means to design, manage, and improve flow systems for knowledge work. The method also allows organizations to start with their existing workflow and drive evolutionary change. They can do this by visualizing their flow of work, limit work in progress (WIP) and stop starting and start finishing.

Method Kanban has been formulated by David j. Anderson as an approach to growing, evolutionary changes in the processes and systems of the organization. Utilizes drawn production system with limiting work in progress, as a mechanism to prevent problems in the operation of the systems (or processes) and stimulating collaboration on a continuous improvement of the system. One example of such a system drawn is Kanban system, which was named from this popular system.

Method Kanban has its roots in the following basic principles:

  • Start with the knowledge that you have -the method Kanban does not recommend a specific set of roles l up process steps. Method Kanban starts held by Your roles and processes, and stimulates. The constant growing and evolutionary change in your system. Method Kanban is a method of managing change, and differs from the software development process and project management Kanban.

  • Agree to follow the increasing, evolutionary change -Organization (or a team) must agree that continuous, incremental and evolutionary change is a way of improving the systems and make them permanent. Huge changes may seem better, but have a higher degree of failure due to resistance and fears in your organization. Method Kanban encourages small, solid, growing, evolutionary changes in Your current system.

  • Please respect the current process, roles, responsibilities and titles -it is likely that, at present, the organization has some elements that work in an acceptable manner and that are worth keeping. We must also try to get rid of concerns in order to facilitate future changes. Continue to respect the existing roles, responsibilities and titles, we eliminate the initial concerns. This should allow us to gain broader support for our initiative Kanban. It is possible that the comparison of Kanban with some other alternative, a more popular approach. Which would lead to a change in titles, roles, responsibilities. The wholesale removal of some position, will help individuals realize the benefits.

  • Leadership at all levels -leadership activities should be encourage at all levels in the Organization. The individual participants to higher management.

A Kanban board is a work and workflow visualization tool that enables you to online Kanban boards draw upon the whiteboard metaphor in a software setting.

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