Thursday 13 December 2018

Value Stream Mapping

A value stream mapping is a lean management tool that helps visualize the steps needed to take from product creation to delivering it to the end-customer. As with other business process mapping methods, it helps with introspection (understanding your business better), as well as analysis and process improvement.

    1. Value Stream Mapping-VSM definition:

      Technique of mapping (that is, describing graphically) as it looks like the flow of value from the perspective of the client organizational processes of the company. The purpose of the value stream mapping is the combination of all activities and processes to produce and deliver products and Services to visualize and understand how the company flows through the value stream to clients.

      Thanks to the map, the Organization can identify where wastage and after the analysis of the design the way to reduce, limit, or total elimination. The goal is not the same "process mapping", but the implementation of the "movement of one which adds value" to prepare the Organization for the implementation of the corrective measures such as: KAIZEN, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Thinking, Six Sigma.

    2. The benefits of using VSM analysis:

      • illustration of the flow of information and resources in the company so that the identification of waste in the company and hence reduce costs,

      • integration of indicators of the establishment with the needs of the client, maximizing the added value for the customer,

      • reduce the time the flow of a product or service by the company of up to 80%

      • to increase the liquidity of the company,

      • improving the Organization of work in the undertaking. Analysis of The VSM

    3. The founding of the value stream mapping:

      • define current processes (road) in the direction from the client to the provider, indicating points of interest and information processes,

      • Reorganize flows, to find waste and their sources in the processes. Define a future State on the principle of lean manufacturing,

      • focusing on maintaining the liquidity flows and the pursuit of continuous improvement of the current States of perfected

    4. On the map contains information about:

      • How to communicate with the client,

      • customer requirements,

      • the needs of customers and its variability,

      • the form and duration of the flow of information within the company,

      • stocks of the details of the manufacturing process,

      • during the execution of the order,

      • What is the time it takes to obtain cash from a client (liquidity, Lead Time – L/T).

    5. The VSM consists of 3 stages:

      • Stage 1-VSA-Value Stream Analysis -diagnosis of the status of an existing, an analysis of the current state value stream

      • Step 2 – VSD-Value Stream Designing – vision of future State, the construction of the target State value stream

      • Step 3-VSP-Value Stream Work Plan – a plan to improve and implement solutions.

    6. Map the status quo presents:

      • the State value stream at a particular time, for representative and average demand,

      • the characteristics of the key suppliers of the stream,

      • characteristics of key audience or group of customers.

    7. Mapping is a tool that allows you to:

      • build the order execution management system,

      • the rules of customer service, planning, procurement, inventory management and manufacturing process flow

      • create short-(year) and long term (several years) improvement plan

      • build a strategy of production and logistics.

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