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Understanding Training

Understanding Training. Not all of the capabilities (skills) needed by the world of work can be obtained from the school formal, this is due to the ability (skill) needed the more specific and focused with what will be served, each company also has a corporate culture that should be known by all employees, the company cultures vary between schools and enterprises or between one company with other companies.

Therefore, it needs Training or training that can meet the needs and standards where the employee is working as well as the match against employees at private companies are concerned.

Training or training is the process of teaching skills required of employees new and old to do his job.

Understanding Training
Base on the definition or understanding of Training or the training, can mean that training is not only done when the acceptance of new employees, but also performed while the employee is going to do a new job that will be assigned to him and to the employees who have passed training but in fact still continues to make mistakes in the job (retrained or re-training).

The goal is to get Training than employees who are capable of doing the work to be assign to him and to avoid most mistakes in carrying out its duties and to improve productivity in her work.

The Stages of Training

The stages of training (Training):


The purpose of the orientation is so that new employees can find out and understand the information from the background of the company and production.

Content rather than orientation include:

  • Information about the benefit or advantage which would be obtain by the employee

  • The work routine and things

  • The organizational structure of the company and its

  • Policy the company and the company's slogans about the quality, environment, corporate vision and mission

  • Existing systems within the company (ISO, 17 countries, TS, ROHS, GREEN PARTNER)

  • The rules and discipline of the company

  • Comprehensive and safety on the job

  • Introduction of company facilities

Important things to do to new employee orientation process in order to be successful with either:

  • Make them feel comfortable and receipt

  • Help them understand company/production in a broad sense

  • Explain to them what would be expect by the company in terms of jobs and their behavior.


Training or training is a process taught to employees to get their basic capabilities (basic skills) need in doing their job or task.

There are five process to be done in providing training material:

  1. Analyzing the need:  Identify training needs and identify objectives and training criteria

  2. Designing Instruction training: Creating content for training programs such as the schedule of the training manual, training materials, materials for the exam

  3. Validation: Presentation advance the training program content to small group to find out if the presentation of suitable training Material and valid (to experiment or try out)

  4. Implement Training programs: Done actual training to new employees who are target.

  5. Evaluation: Assessment of the training program are doing whether succeed or fail.

Here are some ways to get maximum results in training:

  1. Try to make the similarities in the situation of training/training and the actual work situation.

  2. Providing adequate Practice.

  3. Give the label or identify any of the features of the machine or step in the process.

  4. Provide referral to training/training participants to pay attention to important aspects of the job.

  5. Provides information so participants for training have sufficient preparation as they work on the task/job is real.

For example, on companies engage in the Manufacturing of electronic devices, common materials and basic training which is require in the production of electronic Assembly prepare, among others:

  • The introduction of components or materials in the production of

  • Soldering skill

  • Screwing skills

  • Introduction ESD

  • The introduction of the machines in the production and how to operate it

After conducting training programs, to find out whether the new employees ready and the basic standards (basic standard) required by his job, it will be done the exam either theory or practice.

On the Job Training (OJT)

 OJT (On the Job Training) is a method of training by teaching new employees in the real work.

OJT in steps:

  1. Prepare new employees who will be train.

  2. Prepare the work to be perform by employees of the new

  3. Do an experiment to do the work of
    Teach and explain step by step with slowly
    b. Do repairs if an error occurs
    c. Run improvements as usual
    d. do not Let the new employees do its job alone.

  4. Follow up
    Identify which Employees need to help
    Fix their mistakes b. before it becomes a habit
    c. subtract the Superintendence gradually, check the result (quality and quantity) from time to the time.
    d. their Praise for those who have done a good job.
    e. encourages them to do the job so that it reaches the standard of quality and quantity.

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