Monday 31 December 2018

The effectiveness of work

An effectiveness of the work consists of two words namely effectiveness and workload. The effectiveness of which is derive from the word effective, i.e. a job is said to be effective if a job can produce one unit of output (output). A job is said to be effective if a job can be complete on time in accordance with the plan that has been set.

The effectiveness of the work is a situation where physical and spiritual activities undertaken by human beings can achieve the desire results due to appropriate. work Effectiveness is a measure of the achievement of a task or goal.

Effectiveness is the ability to choose the right destination or the right equipment for the achievement of the objectives set. The completion of the work on time as specify earlier. Effectiveness is the degree of ability to achieve objectives with precise and well. Effectiveness derives from the word which means the effective occurrence of a desire effect.

Factors that influence the effectiveness of the Work

There are four factors that affect work effectiveness, as express are:

Organizational characteristics

Characteristics of the organization consists of structures and technological organization that may affect a particular facet of effectiveness with a variety of ways. The specify structure is a relatively appropriate relationship nature. Such as encounter in the Organization, in connection with the arrangement of human resources include. How to structure the Organization of drafting men in completing the work whereas the definition of technology is the mechanism of an organization for change the raw input into output.

The environmental characteristics of the

External environment and the environment has also been express over the effect the effectiveness, the success of the relationship of environmental organizations seems to be very variable depending on the level the key to that is the level of guesswork the State of the environment, the accuracy of perception over the State of the environment, the level of the rationalism of the organization. The third of these factors affect the accuracy of the Organization's response to changes in the environment.

Characteristics of the Workers

Were in fact members of the organization is the most important influence factors. Because the behavior they who in the long run will be expedite or obstruct the achievement of the purpose of the organization. Workers is the resources directly related to the management of all the resources that exist in the Organization, so the behavior of workers very influential towards the achievement of the objectives of the organization.

Workers is the main capital in organizations that will affect the effectiveness, because although the State use sophisticate technology and is support by the existence of a good structure, but in the absence of workers and all it There is no point.

Characteristics of the wisdom and practice management

With the increasing complexity of process technology and its development environment then the role of management in coordinating people and processes for the sake of the success of the organization is increasingly difficult.

Gauge the effectiveness of the work:

Includes elements of the ability to adjust/ work achievement and job satisfaction :

The ability to adapt

The human capacity is limit in all the things, so with its limitations. It causes human beings cannot achieve the fulfillment of his needs without going through cooperation with others. This opinion Ricard m. Steers stating that the key to the success of the organization is the cooperation in the achievement of the objectives. Any organization in the organization is require. To be able to adjust to the people working in it or with a job in the organization. If the adjusting ability can run, then the purpose of the organization can be achieve.

Work achievement

The work achievement is a result of work accomplish in conducting one's tasks charge. To him base on skills, experience, seriousness and timing. From the opinion concludes that with the skills, experience, seriousness of the time own by an employee. Then the give task can be carry out in accordance with the responsibilities laid upon him.

Job satisfaction.

The perceive level of pleasure a person's role or his work in the organization. The individual level of complacency. That they got enough in return, from diverse aspects job situation and where they are locate.

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