Tuesday 25 December 2018

The concept of Production innovation

Production innovation

To be able to maintain power competitiveness, every company must innovate, no exception for companies engaged in the manufacturing. In the process of production, manufacturing companies must continue to innovate. To improve product quality, reduce production costs and operations as well as increasing the productivity of the workforce.

So basically, the definition of Production Innovation or Innovation Production is an activity to perform the necessary changes in production in order to suppress the production and operational costs, multiply the number of production and improve the quality of product. Pursuit of production runs with se-se-an efficient and effective as possible.

The costs of production and operation is the costs that occur when production as wages/salaries of employees, the materials used, production equipment, transport costs and the costs of reworking (rework).


The innovation not only can be done by investing towards the purchase of an expensive machine, but with a small fee though can produce something extraordinary. An innovation is also not only can be done by the professional or an educated person and held high office, but it can be done by anyone. Innovation depends very much to our way of thinking and creativity. Currently, many companies are giving a special bonus for its employees who can propose creative ideas in innovating and improving product quality as well as the cost of production.

Examples of Innovation in the production

The following is an example of innovation with creativity and lower cost. In essence, innovation is not necessary with high costs. But the creativity was the one that determines the success of an innovation:

There is a SOAP-making companies that are experiencing problems in quality production i.e. frequent shipping empty boxes (without SOAP in box) to its customers. Then one day, the Director of the company gathered all managers, Supervisors and Engineers as well as invited several experts in the field of quality control. On average they proposed a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars to design and buy an expensive machine in order to detect vacuum soap box.

But there happened to be an office boy who deliver documents of the meeting to her manager to listen to this then with ventured to propose the idea to the Director of the company.

What he proposed?

The boy turns out to be just the Office proposes a budget of $. 250,000 (two hundred and five thousand dollars) to buy a tool to troubleshoot the vacuum box. Then the company President approved the budget. Tomorrow morning, the Office Boy carrying one unit the fan which costs $ 220,000. and put it on the production lines in the process after the boxing SOAP (the process of Packing). If in the box there is SOAP, then its weight will hold the box remains at his position (not blown fan). But if the box is empty, then easily wind can blow a fan crashed the empty boxes.

The Basic Concept of Innovation Production

The following are 5 (five) basic concepts in innovation in production:



Should be repeat when soldering the components foot cut
Plug Components → Enter soldering machine → components → foot Piece soldering rework (4 steps)
(Soldering rework after cutting away the components to avoid soldering crack)

This can be avoide by: Cut away the components of the Tidal Entrance → Components → solder (3 steps)

Combine (Merge)

It is to combine two or more proceedings into one process

In the process the operators A and B there are operators process the process of soldering with the same temperature specifications. If time allows, then solder the process of soldering in operator B can be move. To A process to reduce the time handling that double.


It means integrating some process to other processes to reduce transportation and handling.


Enter a process of Preparation/sub process (e.g.-cutting and bending the leg components). Into Main line (main production lines) to reduce transportation and handling.

Re-arrange (reset)

 It is to reset the process or a process layout to make it more efficient.

Rearrange the layout of the components in the work table. So the operator easily achieve it, this can speed the operator in performing the process.


It is to eliminate or get rid of the double or double process or processes which should not need to be complete.

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