Wednesday 19 December 2018

SWOT analysis - Strategic superiority analysis

The situation and the ever-changing environmental conditions may result in or affect a company, be it a profitable opportunity or threat or risk adverse. The company sued for always being so responsive and able to follow and adapt to the environment. Therefore, required a systematic way to assess the situation and the conditions around the company. It is this concept was born from the need of SWOT analysis that has an important role in setting a corporate strategy.

SWOT analysis is a systematic way in conducting an analysis of the existence of the threat and the opportunity to be able to discern the State of the environment to come so that the problem can be found.


The essence of SWOT analysis is to determine the strength of a company compare to its competitors and to identify areas where the company might will experience a threat, as are fields where the company has a real advantage.

Of the SWOT analysis, companies can determine the effective strategy as far as possible make use of opportunities based on the company-owned power, overcoming the threats coming from the outside, as well as improve existing weaknesses .

SWOT analysis of carrying out the analysis and diagnosis of the strategic advantage to identify clearly the strengths and weaknesses of the company at the current time. SWOT analysis also examines the flaws in the future is most likely to occur.

Four factors in SWOT analysis is as follows:

Strength (S)

Are the internal capabilities that stand out from a relatively firm compared to other companies? Strength is a competence that exists in the company as part of a comparison with a competitor.

Weaknesses (W),

Is the nature of a company that tends to reduce the values competent and comparison with its competitors?

Opportunities/opportunities (O)

Is the opportunities that exist within the company or opportunities that are owned by the company/companies.

Threats (T)

Are the very events may occur which can lead to certain loss for the company?

Strength and weakness comes from within the company. So is internal and can be control by the company. While opportunity and threat comes from outside the company. That it is both difficult and control by an external company.

SWOT Diagnosis

Analysis of strength and weakness shows a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the company against its competitors. That includes the company's leadership, the arrangement and organization of the company. The company's competitive advantage, human resource development and motivation factors.

While the analysis of the opportunity and threat can be unknown factors of the political leadership in the country. External factors (economic conditions) and physical factors. Overall the results of the SWOT analysis can be known about the weaknesses and strengths of the company itself. Even and its competitors, as well as the State of the environment. After the company learn of the results of the SWOT analysis. Then the company can determine its marketing strategy. Which will attack its competitors or thus defend yourself from competitors.


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