Thursday 20 December 2018

Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is the ability of a company to profit economically over the profits gained by capable competitors on the market in the same industry. The company has a competitive advantage always has the ability to understand changes in the structure of the market and is capable of selecting an effective marketing strategy.

Study by Porter generic strategies set further classified in three categories, cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. The choice of each company against generic strategies above
will depend on environmental analysis attempts to determine opportunities and threats.

A marketing strategy that can be chosen by companies that implement a strategy of product differentiation in order to always have a competitive advantage in the marketplace can be done by performing a selection strategy the following.

Product Differentiation

High Creativity in creating the uniqueness of the product more interesting, cool, safe, comfortable, fun, friendly employees, skilled, insightful, and being able to manifest in everyday life so that more demand by consumers as compared to other competitors ' products.

Differentiation of service quality

Creativity high harmonize elements of marketing mix: product, place, price, promotion, people, packaging, programming quality services so partnership perceived by the consumer exceeds expectations.

Differentiation Image

Image identical to attribute is some special characteristics, or the criterion of appearance of a person or thing. Differentiation is the proper mix of images from the imaging element, which creates the image of a brand. The imaging process should build, maximize, exploit, and utilizing the strengths and weaknesses of each image element to ensure that the brand that has a good prospect in continually.

Product Differentiation Approach against Competing superiority

Product Selection among the large number of bids that are on the market is always based on the existence of a distinction, either an implicit or explicit. Psychology literature refers to the fact that notable differences associated with a product will stimulate memory because the difference will be appreciated intellectually.

Service companies need to do the differentiation through innovation that is pre-emptive in the long term. Preemptive here it means the implementation of a new strategy for a particular business. Because it is the first, then it can produce skills or assets can obstruct, prevent, or inhibit competitors for duplicating or creating unwatchable.

Marketing services

Service companies can differentiate himself through the image in the eyes of customers, for example through brand and the most widely used. In addition, the company can do the differentiation of the product in the delivery of services (service delivery) through the three aspects that are also known as the 3 p's in marketing services, namely:

  • The (people

  • Physical environment physical environment)

  • Process

A sustainable competitive advantage is the ability of an enterprise. To create it a product at a time when competitors are trying to imitate. It will always fail significantly. At a time when companies implement the strategy and the company's competitors are not continuously applying. It and other companies were not able to replicate the excellence strategy. The company is said to have a competitive advantage continuous. In addition to the factor of the uniqueness of the product, which the company has a competitive advantage also implement.

Strategy of marketing mix

The strategy of marketing mix that includes the price is competitive, place or location, and adequate promotion.  Conclusions that can be drawn from the concept of competitive advantage through product differentiation is how companies can create unique products that provide the level of benefits on
top of the average that is able to attain industrial through a combination of human, environmental, and processes.

Quality of service Differentiation Approach toward competitive advantage. Another way to do the differentiation is consistently delivers better service quality than competitors. This can be achieve with meet or even exceed the quality of service that is expect of the customer. The quality of the service itself is affect by two variables, namely the perceive service (perceived service). The services that are expect (expected service). When the service felt smaller than expect, then the customer is not interest anymore in the service provider concern. When that was otherwise. Then it is likely the customers will use the service again.

The approach

Image Differentiation approach against the competitive advantage. The marketers who did not create the connection between the creation of the image and sales of products often do not do a good job.

A lot of companies that are successful in selling the products because their products have a clear image of who determines. Their position in a point that is potentially interesting in consumer choice so much. The most successful companies are those that "have a word" that occupies a special place in the minds of consumers.

Competitive advantage

Various concepts that develop when this implies that the importance of imagery as a means or tools. To gain competitive advantage in the market. So the company has clearly define his image to customers. Then the next step is to communicate the image. So that these elements become sources of competitive advantage you have in the long run. Through investment in the imaging process is complete on an ongoing basis. The company will enjoy a market rate of return in the concept of marketing. Which is higher than can be achieve by competitors in the same industry.

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