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Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC and QA)

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

One of the very important factor in the competition of the market is the quality of a product or service. Quality often serve as a benchmark and the criterion for a product and services between one manufacturer with other manufacturers.

Therefore, all manufacturers and service providers are always looking for ways to improve. The quality of the products or the quality of its services. Quality can be define as the level of good or bad a product produce and whether the products produce. In accordance with predetermined specifications or for compliance to the needs.

To maintain and improve the quality, manufacturing companies (manufacturers) will generally use two engineering namely engineering quality control (Quality Control) quality assurance (Quality Assurance). Both of these techniques aim to ensure. That the final product or service meets the requirements and quality standards which are set.

The sense of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)

Many of us who are less clear about the difference in QC and QA, many also consider it both ways is the same function. But basically the QC and QA are two functions and improve quality of care and techniques are different.

Quality Control (QC)

An enterprise can define quality standards, internal processes and procedures, and develop it from time to time, then the parties interested parties (stakeholders) are asked to follow suit. The process of ensuring that all the parties concerned to follow and comply with the prescribed standards and this is called the process of quality control or Quality Control.

Any organization that applies a Quality Control (QC) must have a Quality Manual that is usually referred to as the Quality Manual. Quality Manual that will provide quality guidelines to the various work units and departments. Thus, every individual in the organization realize what being the authority and responsibilities in accordance with the mentioned in the Quality Manual.

Basically, this Quality Control with regards to operational activities and techniques that are used to meet the requirements of quality. The main goal of quality control or Quality Control is ensuring that the products will be delivered to the customer is free from defects and acceptable in accordance with the requirements of the specified quality. If found defective product that is then necessary corrective actions as appropriate.

The techniques and tools used Quality Control (QC)

There are three Quality Control techniques commonly use by a company manufacturing Inspection (Inspection) namely, the taking of the sample in statistics (Statistical Sampling) and the seven tools of quality control (QC Seven Tools).

Inspection or Inspection is testing the products that will be sent to the customer to make sure nothing is meandered in accordance with the requirements of the specify quality.

Statistical Sampling is to choose a number of units/products randomly from a batch or lot to be check again in order to make sure the products will be deliver is not there is a defective product and in accordance with the requirements of the specify quality.

The Seven QC Tools or Seven tools of quality control consists of a Histogram, Scatter diagrams, Control charts, Check sheets, Pareto diagrams, Cause and Effect diagrams and Flow Charts. These tools are use to help find incompatibility and defects in the product.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA) or if translate directly into the language of Indonesia is "quality assurance". The term "Assurance" or "Assurance" stating a certainty or confidence in the products produce by a single company. The Quality Assurance (QA) guarantee the quality of the produce products and ensure the product creation process in accordance with the standards and requirements have been determine.

A quality Assurance is a PROCESS-based approach (process base approach) whose primary purpose is to prevent defective products ranging from the planning stages (planning) to the stage of the delivery of products to customers so as to avoid going reworking (rework) and customer complaints that will be detrimental to the reputation of the company as well as the spending costs due to poor quality.

Quality Assurance is a pro-active process that is doing the emphasis towards the planning, documentation and determination of quality guidelines at the beginning of the project began to understand the requirements and the standard of quality expect. After all the requirements and standards of quality of the desire in-identify, then require the development of planning to meet the requirements and desire quality standards.

Quality Assurance Tools and techniques

There are three techniques or tools use to ensure the quality of a product. Namely Audit, Process Analysis, Quality Management and Control Tools.

In an Audit, a team of experts who come from third-party external (instead of internal) will conduct. A review of the processes and procedures. That have been determine by the company. When discover the difference between what is done with. What is state in the procedure or process. Then the company in question (the company that audit) is ask to do corrective action (Corrective Action).

Third parties from such external will also give suggestions for improvements on the process. This ensures the quality of the Audit process and procedures. That have been approve and those who have been determine. To have been conduct properly and follow by the parties concern.

Process Analysis is to analyze each process to find the possibility (potential) of occurrence of defective products or processes that have no add value then find the root cause and do the fix.

Quality Management and Control Tools

Include a variety of engineering diagrams that help to find problems. The idea of improvement, decision making and priority issues that must be resolve. Examples of tools of Quality Management and Control of these Tools include. Such as Tree Diagram, Network Diagram, the Affinity Diagram and others.

The difference of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)

The following are some of the differences between Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

  1. Quality Assurance (QA) focus on prevention of disability. While the Quality Control (QC) focus on the identification of or find the flaw.

  2. In the Quality Assurance (QA), we find the most effective way. To avoid defects in Quality Control (QC) us to attempt to detect disability. Then find ways to make improvements to the quality of the product the better.

  3. The Quality Assurance (QA) is a pro-active process while the Quality Control (QC) is a reactive process.

  4. A Quality Assurance (QA) is an approach base on the process (process base approach). The Quality Control (QC) is an approach base on the product (product base approach).

  5. Simply, Quality Assurance (QA) processes involve in handling quality issues while. The Quality Control (QC) verifying the quality of the product itself (on products).

  6. Quality Audit (Audit) is one example of the process on the Quality Assurance (QA). While the inspection and testing (testing) of a product is an example of the process on Quality Control (QC).

The benefits of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)

The following are some of the benefits of the existence of:

Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) in the manufacturing industry.

  1. Produce high-quality products.

  2. Avoid waste (waste).

  3. Improve operational efficiency.

  4. Give satisfaction to customers.

  5. Reduce adverse re employment company in terms of financial as well as time.

  6. Motivate the team in working better with high quality.

  7. Increase customer trust.


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