Monday 24 December 2018

Level of Strategy

Level of Strategy

Strategy can be formulated at three levels, namely, the corporate level, the business level, and the functional level. At the corporate level, strategy is formulate for your organization as a whole. Corporate strategy deals with decisions related to various business areas in which the firm operates and competes. By referring to the views and describes four levels of strategy. The entire piece is call a Master Strategy, namely: enterprise strategy, corporate strategy, business strategy and functional strategy.

Enterprise Strategy

this strategy deals with the response community. Every organization has a relationship with the community. The community is a group that is outside the organization that cannot be control. In a society that is not control. There is a Government and a variety of other groups. Such as the Group of suppressor, political groups and other social groups.

So in the strategy of the enterprise looks to the partnership between the Organization and the community out. To the extent that interaction will be conduct so as to benefit the organization. That strategy also reveals that the Organization truly works and strives to give good service against the demands and needs of the community.

Corporate Strategy

this strategy with regards to the Mission of the Organization, thus often call Grand Strategy that includes a field that was involve by an organization. The question of what the business or Affairs of the US and how we control the business, not only to be answer by business organizations, but also by any organization of Government and nonprofit organizations. What is the Mission of this Foundation, the foundation that, if this institution, mission institution is it?. Is the main mission of this Directorate General, Directorate General of it?. What is the Mission of this agency, that agency? So onward.

The answers to those questions are very important and if wrong answer can be fatal. For example, if the answer to the Mission of the University is to plunge into the world of business in order. To become rich then the consequences could be devastating, both against his protect, against the Government, nor against the nation and the country. How the mission is run is also important?. This requires strategic decisions and strategic planning should also be prepare by each organization.

Business Strategy

The strategy at this level lays out how to seize the market at the center of the community. How to put the Organization in the hearts of the authorities, employers, donors and so on? It was all meant to be able to obtain benefits and able to support the strategic development of the Organization to a better rate.

Functional Strategy

This strategy is a strategy of supporting and to support the success of other strategies. There are three types of functional strategies, namely:

  • The economic functional Strategy i.e. includes the functions that allow the Organization. To live as a healthy economic unity, among others with regard to finance, marketing, resources, research and development.

  • Functional Strategy Management, including management functions i.e. planning, organizing, controlling, implementation, staffing, leading, motivating, communicating, decision making, representing, and integrating.

  • Strategic issues Strategy, its main function is to control the environment. Well known environmental situation or a situation that is not yet know or ever-changing.

The levels of that strategy is the unity of the round and become the cue for the highest decision makers. That the managing organization should not be view from the angle of administrative tidiness. But also should be take into account the question of the "health" of the organization from the point of Economics.

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