Wednesday 19 December 2018

Important factors to determining salary

HR Lecture Materials. Having previously been discuss regarding the definition, role, function and purpose of salary (payroll) Here attach to the topic of measures and important factor what to look for in determining salary (according to opinion of experts):

The steps in determining Salary

Upon opinions, there are four important steps in the determination of the salary, among others:

Analyze position or duty

Office of Analysis is activities to seek information about the tasks that are carry out and necessary requirements in carrying out the task so manage to develop a description of tasks, duties and specifications standards for work. These activities need to be undertaken as a foundation to evaluate the position.

Evaluate the post

Office of Evaluation is a systematic process for determining the relative value of a job compare to other jobs. This process is done to dress the achievement of internal equity in employment as a very important element in the determination of the level of salary. Internal equity is the amount obtain in accordance with perceive inputs given in comparison with the same job within the company.

Conduct salary survey

salary survey done to initiate the external justice as one of the important factors in planning and determining salaries. The survey can be done in a variety of ways such as go to companies to get information on the applicable salary rate, make a formal questionnaire and others.

Determine the level of salary

After the evaluation of Office commit. To create an internal justice which produce the ranking of the post. And conducting a survey about the prevailing salaries in the labor market is determination of salaries.

Important factors in determining the salary of a fair Salary means. That salary gives by a corporation to an employee must be in accordance with the positions and achievements. So employees can feel satisfy with his work and was please to serve in the company.

There are some important factors in setting a fair salary:

    1. Education: Salaries given must be in accordance with the level of education employees. For example, the salary of a scholar should be distinguish from that is not a scholar.

    2. Experience: Salary given to people who already have work experience high should be distinguish by inexperience people.

    3. Dependents: Salary been deem fair when the magnitude of the salary for those who have a large family dependents are distinguish by who has a dependent family.

    4. The ability of the company: The company's ability to pay its employees must also be take into account. When the company's profit should employees can also enjoy through increase salary, welfare, and others.

    5. Conditions of workers: Jobs that require special expertise and precision must be distinguish from the level of his salary with the workers who work in ordinary and simple.

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