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Human resources planning – Definition, Factors and benefits

Understanding Human Resources Planning

Various views on the definition of planning human resources such as express Human Resource Planning or planning of the work force. It is a series of activities perform to anticipate the demands of business and environmental organizations in the future and to meet the needs of the workforce cause by these conditions.

Human resources planning

Where in a narrower human resources planning mean estimate systematically demand (needs) and the supply of labor organizations in the future. Another view on the definition of human resource planning put forward by Planning labor can be defined as a process to determine the need for manpower forecasting based on development, implementation, and control of those needs that integrate with planning organizations so that created number of employees, placement officers of the appropriate and economically beneficial.

The factors that Affect human resources Planning

Human resources planning process can be affected by several factors, among others:

External environment

Environmental changes predicted in the short term is difficult and sometimes impossible is estimate in the long term.

  • Economic development has great influence but it is hard being estimate. For example, the level of inflation, unemployment and interest rates is often a determining factor of business conditions facing the company.

  • Social-political-legal Conditions has implications on the planning of human resources through a variety of regulations in the field of human resources, a change of attitudes and behavior, and so on.

  • Whereas technological changes now are not only difficult but also foretold tough votes. Development of the computer lull is a clear example of how technology changes cause turmoil of human resources.

  • Competitors is another external challenges that will affect the demand for human resources of the organization. For example, the "piracy" Manager would force the company to always prepare a successor through anticipation in planning of human resources.

Organizational decisions

Decisions affect organizational principal human resources.

  • Strategic Plan of the company was the most influential decisions.
    These bind the company in the long term to achieve goals such as growth rates, new products, new markets or segments. These goals determine the amount and quality of employees need in time to come.

  • In the short term, the planners to translate strategic plans into operational service in the form of a budget. The magnitude of the budget is the shortest term influence means on the needs of human resources.

  • Forecast sales and production although not as precisely as the budget also led. To changes in the needs of short-term personnel.

  • Expansion of human resource needs means new.

  • Similarly, reorganization or the design of the back of the works can be radically change needs and require different skills varying levels of employees in the future.

Factors of Preparation of employees

Human resources modify Request by employee activities. Application for retirement, stop, termination, and death are all raising the personnel needs. Past data about those factors and the trend of its development could serve as an accurate planning guidelines.

Benefits of HR Planning

With planning labor is expected to provide some of the benefits for both the company as well as for employees. The benefits include:

Companies can make use of existing human resources in the company better. Human resource planning needs to be preceded by any activities an inventory of human resources which are already contained in the company. The inventory includes:

  • The number of existing employees

  • Various credentials

  • Working period of each employee's knowledge and skills. own, either formal education or job training program ever followed

  • Talent that still need to be developed

  • Interest employees, especially with regard to activities outside of the job duties
    Results the inventory is very important, not only in the framework of the utilization of human resources

In carrying out the tasks now, but at least four related interests in the future, namely:

  • The promotion of employees be certain to fill vacancies for higher office if for various reasons a vacancy.

  • Enhancement of the capabilities of carrying out the same task.

  • In the event of occurrence over the region which means someone assign. To the new location but the nature of the task his position

Through the human resources planning that is complete. The effectiveness of the work can also be further improve when human resources are in accordance with the needs of the company. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as a guide to work-has been own which includes:

  • A work atmosphere conducive working devices

  • In accordance with the respective tasks of the human resources available

  • There is a guarantee of safety

  • All systems have been goes well

  • It can be applied in both the functions of organization and placement of human resources has been calculate base on the needs and workload.


The productivity can be further improved if it has data about knowledge. The work, the training has been follow by human resources. With the inclusion of employees in education and training, many will encourage employees to increase productivity of work. Through education and training can enhance the capabilities and skills of human resources. Which is followed by the increase of the working discipline. That will produce something more professional in handling work related directly with the interests of the company.

Human Resources Planning related to the determination of the labor needs in the future, both in terms of number and credentials to fill a variety of Office and carry out a variety of new activity in the future.

Employee Information

One of the facets of the human resource management today is felt more and more important is the handling employment information. With the availability of fast and accurate information is increasingly important for companies. Especially companies that have a lot of human resources with branches scatter in many different places (both domestic and overseas).

By having this information will facilitate the management of the human resources planning. (Human Resources Information) Based on advance technology. Is an unavoidable necessity in an era of change which fast paced.

As has been understandably one of the preliminary events in planning include human resources planning is research.

Job Market

Base on the materials obtained and research conduct for the benefit of human resource planning. Will develop a proper understanding of the situation of the job market in the sense of:

  • The user Request workforce over Labor views and in terms of the number, type, location and qualification.

  • The number of job seekers and their areas of expertise, skills, occupations, level of wages or salaries and so forth.

Such Understanding is important because it forms a plan drawn up can be adjust with the market situation.

HR Plan

Human Resource Plan was the basis for the preparation of the work program for the working unit that handles human resource within a company. One of the aspects of the work program was the procurement of a new employee. In order to strengthen existing manpower for the sake of increasing the ability of the company and achieve the goals of various his target. Without planning human resources, difficult to devise a realistic work program.

Know the labor market.

The job market is a great source to find candidates for human resource potential for acceptance (recruiting) within the company. The existence of human resource planning data in addition to make it easier to look for candidates. That match the requirements, can also be use to help other companies that require human resources.

The reference in drawing up program for human resource development.

Human resources Planning can be made as one of the contributions of reference. But it can also come from other sources. With the complete data about the potential of human resources will further ease in putting together a program. That is more mature and more responsive. Base on the foregoing, it can be know the benefits of human resource planning in an enterprise as something very important. For smooth and the achievement of the goals of the company.

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