Monday 31 December 2018

How to make SIPOC Diagrams?

A SIPOC is a visual tool use to document business processes from beginning to end and serves. To identify the relevant elements of the project repairs will be carry out. The SIPOC identification is usually done before the project improvement process (process improvement) began.

In the Six Sigma methodology, SIPOC was use in stage DEFINE i.e. first stage in Six Sigma for defining and selecting all problems will be solve and their Costs, benefits and impact on customers (customer).

SIPOC stands for Suppliers (Suppliers), Input (Input), Process (process), Output (Output) and the Customer (customer).

  • S (Supplier/supplier) is a person, organization or system that provide the resources need by the company to produce certain goods and services.

  • I (Input/Input) is the material, information or other resources provide by the supplier for consumption or to be transform in the process of production.

  • P (Process/process) is a series of actions and activities that transform Inputs into outputs.

  • O (Output/output) is a goods or services generate by the process to be use by the customer.

  • C (Customer/customers) is a person, organization, or System Downstream Process that receives the Output from the process.

SIPOC analysis (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer)

The SIPOC analysis (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer) is very useful to know and identify. Who's become a supplier for input into the process. The specification of what will be use on Input, who is a customer of the process is and what the customer wants. Please note that the intend Supplier (supplier) in the Diagram is not necessarily SIPOC parties outside of your organization. But can also come from other work units in the same company or organization or other processes that provide The input to the next process.

Likewise, with the customer, the customer is by SIPOC Diagram can be any other work units that were still in the same company or organization or the specific processes that accept Input from previous process.

How to Create A SIPOC Diagram?

The following are some steps to create a SIPOC Diagram.

  1. Give the name or title of the SIPOC Diagram to be create (use the verb or adjective)

  2. Specify the start and end of the SIPOC Diagram or the scope of the SIPOC Diagram will be create.

  3. The Output of the process or what is complete and produce by the process (use the noun)

  4. Customers (customer) that will receive the Output of the process.

  5. Identify the Input require by the process.

  6. The supplier (Supplier) of the Input require by the process.

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