Wednesday 19 December 2018

How to effectively implement the Discipline of work?

Discipline of work

One of the most difficult tasks for a boss is how to establish the discipline of work appropriately. If an employee violates the rules of conduct, such as too often late or ditching work, fight, dishonest or behave other that can ruin the smooth working of a part, the supervisor must intervene. Such mistakes should be punish and the boss have to strive so that such behavior is not repeat.

There are several ways of enforcing the discipline of working in a company:

Discipline should be enforce Immediately

Punishment should be drop as soon as possible after a violation occurs shall not until it is too late, because if it's too late will be less effective.

Discipline should be preceded by early warning

With early warning meant that all employees are to really know for sure which actions are allow and which are not.

Discipline should be consistent

Consistent means that all employees who commit offences will be reward the same penalty. Do not let the exception occurs, it may be because of the long working period, have high skills or because it relates to the employer itself.

Discipline should be Impersonal

A supervisor should not enforce discipline with feelings of anger or emotion. If there is this kind of feeling it's good boss wait a few minutes to allow anger and his emotions subside before disciplining employees. At the end of the talks should be given a positive direction to strengthen interwoven relationship between employee and employer.

Discipline Should Accordingly

Sentence was accordingly means that the sentence was appropriate and in accordance with the acts of violations commit. Not too light nor too heavy. If the penalty is too light, the punishment shall be deem trivial by the perpetrator of the offence and if too heavy will probably give rise to anxiety and lower achievement.

Things that support the Discipline

There are some things that can support the success of Pfizer employees, namely:

The threat

In order to enforce discipline sometimes needs to be the existence of a threat despite the threat of being given does not aim to punish, but rather aim to educate in order to behave in accordance with the that we expect.

  • Well-being. To enforce discipline so it is not enough with threats alone, but need enough welfare i.e. the magnitude of the wages they receive, so at least they can live in a decent.

  • Assertiveness. Lest we allow an offense we know without action or condone such breach without protract action emphatic.

  • Participation. With the road incorporate the participation of the employees will feel that the rules about penalty was the result of mutual agreement.

  • Goals and Capabilities. So that discipline can be exercise in practice, then the discipline should be able to support the objectives of the company and in accordance with the capabilities of employees.

  • Example Leadership. It has a huge influence in enforcing discipline so that the example should look for leadership.

Factors that affect the Discipline

There are many factors that can affect whether or not a work discipline upright in an enterprise. These factors, among others:

  • Large small granting compensation

  • There is whether or not the company's lead in example

  • There are not definite rules which can be use as handle

  • Courage leadership in taking action

  • There's not oversight Chairman

  • There is absence of attention to employees

  • Create habits that support discipline

From the opinion of some experts can be summed up work discipline is an attempt of the Organization's management company to implement or run rules or conditions that must be follow by every employee without exception.

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