Sunday 9 December 2018

How to Create a Gantt Chart?

The Gantt Chart and how to make it - Gantt Chart of type graph (Chart Bar) is the schedule and timing of its implementation, such as the time of commencement of the assignment and also limit the time used to complete the task in question. The person or department who was assigned to complete the task in the project should also be written in the Gantt Chart.

Some other designations for the Gantt Chart Are Milestones Chart, Bar Chart and also Project activity chart. The Gantt Chart was developed by Henry Laurence Gantt in 1910. This is basically a reflection upon the planning, scheduling and monitoring (monitoring) of the progress of any activity or activities on a project.

Gantt Chart is a tool that is very useful in planning scheduling and monitoring activities on a project, communicating the activities that should be implemented and also the status of its implementation. In the Gantt Chart can also be seen as a sequence of activities or tasks that should be done based on the priority of the specified time.

Method for creating Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart project management Schedule

Gantt Chart is a simple graph, how to make it also quite easily. The following are the steps in making a Gantt Chart and the usage.

  1.  Identify the task

    The identify the tasks that need to be resolved on the project Determine the Milestone (part of the work of assignment) by using the Brainstorming or Flow chart. Identify the time required to complete a task. Identifying sequence of jobs or tasks are done. As the tasks that must be completed before the beginning of a new task or tasks what to do simultaneously (Simultaneous).

  2. Describe the Horizontal Axis

    To draw the horizontal axis for the timing of its implementation (can be placed above or below the page). Mark it with the appropriate time scale (can be in daily or weekly).

  3. Write down the Tasks or Jobs Section

    Write down the Tasks or milestones which will be carried out based on the time sequence on the left. Draw a bar chart (Bar Graph). Indicate the range of time that is require to perform the tasks in question. To draw a box from the left where the Tasks time starting up at the time of the task in question is over. If necessary, the diamond (Diamond) on the date is necessary. To draw the edges only and the box do not fill.

  4. Check back

    Do the checks back, whether or not all the work tasks have been written all into a Gantt Chart.

Using A Gantt Chart

While the project is underway, please enter the image diamond or the bar graph on the Gantt. If there are ongoing tasks (in progress), estimate the progress of the task in question. Enter the bar graph according to such progress. Put vertical to the extent to which this project is underway.

From the the Chart above it can be seen that the project has been going on week 6 (yellow arrow). All of the tasks that are contained in the this Chart have been carried out in accordance with the schedule. This Gantt Project planning and tool to monitor the development of the project.

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