Thursday 13 December 2018

How do i write an industry research report?

What is an industry report?


The industry report content is business information, competitive intelligence, has a strong timeliness, generally through the national government agencies and professional market organizations of some of the latest statistics and research data, according to the cooperative professional research model and specific analysis methods, through the analysis and research of industry veterans, to make the current industry, market research analysis and forecast.

What is the value of industry reports?

  1. If you are now operating and managing enterprises in this industry, usually busy work so that you do not have time to the entire industry context of a systematic combing, an industry report will let you on the whole market more clear, thus becoming a strong basis for you to make major market decisions.
  2. You want to invest in this industry, reading a high-quality industry report is the fastest and best way for your system to quickly understand an industry, making your investment decisions more scientific and avoiding the huge losses caused by investment mistakes.


What are the main contents of the industry report?

The standard industry research report mainly consists of seven parts, namely, industry profile, industry status quo, market characteristics, enterprise characteristics, development environment, competitive pattern, development trend. (different reports have different focuses, depending on the specific reporting directory.)

Industry reporting


The targets the report is widely used by government industrial planning, financial insurance institutions, investment institutions, consulting firms, industry associations, companies, corporate information centers, strategic planning departments and individual research clients.

Industry report data source: an industry report general data channels include: national bureau of statistics, the state customs administration, ministry of commerce, trade associations, research institutions, market front line collection.

Use industry analysis report is an important document that the project implementer needs to entrust to a professional research institution in order to implement an economic activity, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 

The feasibility study report for filing and administrative approval to the investment authority in accordance with the provisions of state development. 

The decision of the state council on the reform of the investment system, china shall implement two methods of approval and filing of projects that do not use government investment, in which approved projects shall submit project application reports to government departments and project feasibility studies for the record.

At the same time, according to the decision of the state council on the establishment of administrative permits for administrative approval projects that really need to be retained, the administrative approval authority is still retained for certain projects, and the investment entity still needs to submit a feasibility study report on the project to the approval department.

The feasibility study report for loans to financial institutions USA's commercial banks, USA development bank and export-import bank and other domestic and foreign financial institutions in accepting project construction loans, will be a comprehensive and detailed analysis of loan projects, banks and other financial institutions only confirm that the project has the ability to repay loans, do not bear excessive risks, will agree to loans. project investors are required to produce a detailed feasibility study report, banks and other financial institutions will only agree to the loan if they confirm that the project is capable of repaying the loan and does not take excessive risks.

The studies


For enterprise financing and foreign investment cooperation such studies often require accurate market analysis, sound investment options, and practical operational solutions such as competitive analysis, marketing plans, management programmes, and technology research and development.

The feasibility study report for applying for exemption from import equipment feasibility study report mainly for duty-free use of imported equipment, and projects applying for confirmation of foreign joint ventures and domestic-funded enterprises need to provide a feasibility study report for the

Feasibility study

for approval of overseas investment projects when enterprises implement the go-out strategy and invest in foreign mineral resources and other industries, they need to prepare feasibility studies to report to the national development and reform commission or the provincial development and reform commission, and they also need to apply for credit support for key projects of overseas investment of the export-import bank of USA.

The feasibility study report

For environmental assessment and approval of industrial land china's current energy conservation and environmental protection requirements for the project gradually increased, project implementation needs to carry out environmental assessment, project feasibility study report can be used as the environmental protection department to review the environmental impact of the project, while the project feasibility study report also as the project construction site government and planning departments to apply for industrial land, the basis of the construction permit. 


Key points of preparation environmental analysis the industry environment is the external environment that has the most direct and greatest impact on the enterprise.

structural analysis industry structure analysis mainly involves the industry's capital structure, market structure and other content. generally speaking, it is mainly the analysis of the barriers to entry and the degree of competition within the industry.

Market analysis the main content involves the nature of the market demand, requirements and its development and change, the market capacity of the industry, the distribution path mode of the industry, sales methods and so on.

Organizational analysis mainly studies the industry's requirements and realistic reflection of the survival status of enterprises, the main contents are: the relevance of enterprises, the degree of specialization, integration within the industry, the level of economies of scale, organizational changes and so on.

Growth analysis refers  to the analysis of the growth stage and development direction of the industry. of course, this is only part of a general analysis, in which there is a lot of general content and specific content. 

For example, in industry analysis, the industry life cycle should generally be dynamically analyzed, especially in the context of changes in the industry cycle to see the company's market sales trends and value changes.

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