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How 5S method help to increase productivity?

In line with the growing popularity of 5S method is apply to the different areas of the Organization, among others, in the field of industry, banking, Office services as well as instances of government worldwide is no exception in Indonesia, has made simple concept a la Japan becomes the point of the initial concentration in strategy and make improvements in the management of the management organization for the better.

Besides as a program substantial takes the clean-up action. To create a work environment that is fun, effective and systematic way. This method potentially also in increasing productivity and employee discipline available work.


Not a few found the Parties apply the methods of 5S are fast satisfy because. As in the role of 5S just clean-up intuit make the Organization look more presentable, clean and impress more professional, without realizing. That application of the 5S develop more serious. Then the fact the benefits of 5S will be more than just the things already mention above, among others, can create improvements. That positively impact on the entire process of management.

Taichi Ohno, as the inventor of the concept of TPS say. That Toyota production system implement beginning when known as the Toyota Production System (TPS). In his travels has found a lot of things into the source of the occurrence of waste. What is  in fact remind that many parties who have not yet realize. That the company was own directly are often burden with what is call "waste (waste).

Waste arising concerning excessive things such as excess inventory, excess levels of damage etc. But in many cases the waste in Japan call young, often starting and arising from. This aspect of the behaviors and ways of thinking that are less good than their employees.

Basic level of 5S methodology

At the most basic level, the application of the 5S that can be introduce as a clean-up programs against excessive waste. However on another level we also need to explore the true meaning of 5S as one that needs to be built to how it relates to other parties or the customer.

In many cases when looking at potential improvements are not visible, start with the concept of 5S is an alternative to the right thing to do. 5S approach is historically derive from the management of Japan which was originally apply in the Toyota Production System (TPS). That use 5 words in the language of Japan, starting from the letter S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuka) .


Every work environment are not spare from a set of items which are still use and unused. The condition requires action to exclude them so that only the require items that may exist in the workplace, the rest should be remove.

For example, work tables to serve customers the customer receives must be clean, there should only be the documents require and in addition had to be remove. If the table is clean and presentable, the concern employees will certainly be easier to serve customers. In addition, customers impress satisfy with seeing the working environment clean and impress professional.

Simple example

Understanding seiri reminds every operator/employee within the work team ask are responsible for their work area each to identify what is need and what is not. As a result, the concern gradually start learning take responsibility surroundings it works so simple act in identifying and then deny it items which are not require to become an active choice and commitment each person.

In a sense broadly understanding seiri not only limit to dispose of unneeded stuff again but can also be apply at higher levels where we can clean up the organization from the policy need not as well as other activities that have no added value.

Seiton (organize)

Seiton is concern things transparent order neatness in the organization. In order for all the items accessible when it is need then it takes actions to manage and compile the storage of the goods in question on a regular basis, to mess with the clear identification of labeling be visually.

Problems that are often found in the implementation of seiton, when employees want to implement 5S, they usually bitching because the lack of supporting facilities which facilitate them like storage facilities in the form of facilities shelves and closet storage that is not adequate.

In the case when the parties top management did not follow up and assist the workers/staff/operators to acquire it, then the company or organisation concern will lose credibility in the eyes of management people who most means in running the operations of the organization.

It does not mean that the above activities must require spending 5S simplify a big budget approve by management. Quite the opposite: the company should start with a small budget and see where they use their creativity and their own internal resources to make things better. In kaizen is known that to do the repair should be can be start and originate in the small things.

In doing action seiton emphasize:

  • Left goods & equipment in a location that is already well design and informative from the beginning

  • Save any whole items, tools, documents and any information on a regular basis and sequential.

  • Arrange placing base on frequency of usage, visualize, safe and easy to reach.

  • Make sure that the goods, tools, require documentary lies in its place respectively.

  • Restore any tools or facilities to a place when finish use.

Seiso (Clean)

Seiso is a step of cleaning done as often as possible. This understanding should be explore as an act of environmental and facilities maintenance work.

Clean and working facilities and equipment will support the quality of the process. For example, the maintenance and checking of prime engines is the best way to be damage and failure in the future. The Act of cleaning facilities and equipment of work regularly scheduled and early action is the most effective as a preventive step.

In the field of corporate/governmental agencies of the orientation service, the cleanliness of the working environment becomes very important. Where customers who do not want to be serve in a clean environment?. If the conditions of the working environment is clean. Then the problem can be seen with a good and transparent. For not closing the possibility when performing clean-up, will be found to the problem which was not visible.


If we worry about equipment fail and the work environment not good. Why do we also not worry about those who fail?. Famous people in the maintenance of discipline must render. The focus to be repair either by way of what management is going to do. The point is not merely a maintenance clean work environment or keeping facilities work always clean but also create professional conduct in the workplace.

Seiketsu (Standardize)

Standardization in the sense above concerning the setting of routines and the right time to do the maintenance of the existing rules and is the basis of standard jobs. Introducing the spreadsheet control 5S by default is the effective way in building the concept of work standards.

In implementing 5S need to be base on a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that is clearly and a reference guide that must be adhere to. The standard is the best way to do it. Therefore, the use of the method of implementation is absolutely essential to ensure the consistency of each person.

Shitsuke (discipline).

Shitsuke is disciplining employees in applying the four-step 5S before the conditioning is widespread as action in making the work area always clean, comfortable and productive. In order to ensure that everyone is on the rise in the disciplines of running daily 5S is a pure matter of main target management. Above it is the responsibility of the team leader. In order to be consistent in always run. It by holding the auditing system use to measure the performance of the implementation process of 5S. Whatever the mechanism of supervisory management essentially always ensure. That 5S is apply every day on an ongoing basis as a form of consistent every worker in the running of 5S.

Discipline in the application of the 5S is the way in fostering learning with continuous improvement approach. When a problem identify through the process of applying the 5S must be address by requiring each employee to be respond with a solution of settlement.

Benefits of 5S

Base on our experience often landing in the implementation method of 5S, 10 to 30% efficiency improvements. In manufacturing can be obtain through the application of 5S are systematic.

Benefits of 5S are as follows;

  1. Increase efficiency, overcome clutter in the work space very well-organize.

  2. Ease in identifying the tools and components that are require.

  3. Setup time is reduced because equipment is clearly labelled and very look visually.

  4. Improve morale by engaging employees who make their jobs easier.

  5. Marketing because the layout is neat and organize is generated from your implementation of 5S tools.

  6. Quality is improve because of the way the standard or basic work and maintenance of tools and machinery.

  7. The correct Tools and equipment are in place means. That the right tools are use to work to reduce the damage.

  8. Increase efficiency savings.

  9. Improve safety because of the removal of the clutter which creates a danger.

The application of the methodology 5S are usually implement using a 4 stage process:

  1. The establishment of a cross-functional team (including employees working in areas related),

  2. Inspection of tour to all the area of work-related. The work process and the place to be on review on schedule.

  3. Brainstorming about ways that effectively reduce waste.

  4. Audit/inspection results Visualization 5S and the results of the corrective action achieved transparently.

Addressing the workplace to always maintained employee morale reflected the 5S approach with a strong moral discipline. Many employees who have successfully achieved a high employee personal discipline but will only be temporary, thus nurturing and maintaining a work environment in a high level basically is a challenging task, Moral and enhanced personal discipline in the area of the workplace requires the involvement, participation and mutual information sharing Cross employees so as to streamline the process of improvement (kaizen) and keep the momentum that will finally bring changes in work culture.

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