Thursday 27 December 2018

Entity Relationship Diagram | How to make it?

Diagram of the Relationship or the Relationship Diagram is a diagram that describes the relationship of cause and effect in a situation or problem. This helpful Relationship Diagram of an organization in analyzing natural linkages among the various different aspects of a complex situation. Diagram of the Relationships is often also referred to as a Network Diagram (Network Diagram) or Interrelationship diagrams.

Diagram of the Relationships used when we want to understand the causal relationship a problem or the attachment among some of the ideas put forward to identify areas that have the greatest impact in a performance improvement or repair.

How to Make a Diagram of the Relationships (Relationship Diagram)?

Before you create a Diagram of the relationships, provide the first stationery consumables such as paper size is rather large, pen and card/sticky note.

  1. Write down the problem issues will be used as the topic to understand more about the problem of cause and effect.

  2. Write down the above cards or sticky note provided.

  3. Do Brainstorm and write down all the ideas obtained at cards or sticky note.

  4. The written ideas may be located and place it adjacent to the idea of a strong relationship.

  5. Repeat step no. 4 until all the idea that writing has its place respectively.

  6. Learn back those ideas by asking "whether this idea is the cause or affect any other ideas?". If no effect, then to draw arrows that influence each other.

  7. Repeat step no. 6 until all ideas have a bow.

  8. Analyze the Diagrams in the following ways:

  • Calculate the direction of the arrow "sign in" and "out" on any idea. Write down that number under the box Idea is concerned. The idea of having the most number of Arrows is the idea of the key or main idea.

  • Ideas that have an arrow with the direction "out" Idea is that most shows the cause of the problem. That became the first priority in handling.

  • Ideas that have an arrow with the direction "Enter" most is the idea that shows the final effect may be an important issue that must be addressed.

Example Diagram of the Relationships (Relationship Diagram)

Entity Relationship Diagram


From the example above, we can see that the problem is "a lot of the defective product are generated by production". The cause of the problem that the first priority to be dealt with is the" quality of the problematic" much of the Material. While the final effect that should be addressed is the "Many Operators that stopped Working".

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