Thursday 13 December 2018

Difference between job analysis and job description

A job Analysis can be understood as the process of gathering information related to the specific job. The job description is a document indicating what a job covers, i.e. tasks, responsibilities, duties, powers and authorities, attached to a job.

Job Analysis:

The Job analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the content and the human requirements of jobs, as well as, the context in which jobs are performed. This process is used to determine placement of jobs. Under NU Values the decision-making in this area is shared by units and Human Resources. Specific internal approval processes will be determined by the unit's organizational leadership.

Job analysis defines the organization of jobs within a job family. It allows units to identify paths of job progression for employees interested in improving their opportunities for career advancement and increasing compensation.

Job Description:

The job description is a written statement that describes the work that is to be done and the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to perform the work. Each job has a description identifying the duties, qualifications, decision-making, interactions, supervision received/exercised and impact of the position. Where necessary, the description also includes special physical or patient care requirements.

Job Evaluation:

A job evaluation is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It tries to make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.

Job evaluation needs to be differentiated from job analysis. Job analysis is a systematic way of gathering information about a job. Every job evaluation method requires at least some basic job analysis in order to provide factual information about the jobs concerned. Thus, job evaluation begins with job analysis and ends at that point where the worth of a job is ascertained for achieving pay equity between jobs.

Job Analysis VS Job Description VS Job Evaluation

MeaningA deep research on a particular job to ascertain every small details about it, is known as Job Analysis.A comprehensive job summary depicting the job contents in short but in an exhaustive manner.Job Evaluation is an attempt of assessing the relative utility of a particular job in an organisation.
What is it?ProcessStatementProcess
ConceptA process of determining all the necessary requirements and aspects of a job.A concise statement of what a job demands.A process to evaluate and assess.
IncorporatesTasks, responsibilities, skill, abilities, working conditions and adapt-abilities of a certain job.Duties and Responsibilities, authority, purpose and scope of a specific job.Non-Analytical system and Analytical system.
ModeOral or WrittenWrittenOral or Written
AdvantageHelpful in Recruitment and Selection of manpowerHelpful in ascertaining whether an applicant is eligible as per the set standards.

Helps in removing inequalities in the wage system, making a comparative analysis of each job etc.

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