Monday 24 December 2018

Customer Relationship Marketing

Defines customer relationship marketing as a strategy to build a good relationship with the customers. In the long term by combining the ability to respond directly and to serving customers with high interaction. To support the implementation of the strategy of customer relationship marketing. Need a device in the form of management approaches, namely, customer relationship management (CRM).

"Something that can be use as a benchmark for the company to keep the relationship between the consumer and the company is" appropriateness ", i.e. Conformity between consumer expectation and reality are perceive." Base on these studies, it is understandable that consumers would still maintain a relationship with the company. Because consumers themselves feel a sense of satisfaction because the desire hope is able to comply with the company through product and service give.


The alignment between expectations and reality that is received can be use milestones for the company. To continue to improve the products and services provide. So the more fit or exceeding consumer expectations. If it is able to be filled by the company, by itself means companies have been keeping in touch with the consumer.

Study on customer relationship marketing means the study of the interactions. That occur between the side of the consumer and the company through communications by Parties of the company to the customer. For that core of customer relationship marketing is an intensive communication between the company and the consumer.

The driving concept of the application of customer relationship marketing

Competition is crucial for the success or failure of the company. The competition determines the activity that is necessary for the company. To Excel as a cohesive culture of innovation, or a good implementation. Competitive Strategy is an effort looking for a favorable position to compete in an industry. Where competition is fundamental, the arena last.

Competing Strategy aims to build a profitable and strong position in the fight against the forces. That determine the competition in the industry. Environments that require the application of customer relationship marketing is an environment that is facing various forms of competition. The competition happens the cause of each company to maintain customers. It can become a reality if between customers and the company builds customer relationship marketing.

The attractiveness of the industry as well as the position of competing against a company can be affect.

This is what makes the election strategy of challenging and exciting competitive States:

"There are five factors that affect competition, namely the inclusion of new entrants, threat of product substitution, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and the level of competition among peers."

The opinion point out that competition is happening in the market affect by the newcomers. The presence of product substitution, the strength of the buyer's offer. The power supplier deals and competition that occurs between peers.

Stated that there are three generic strategies to achieve competitive advantage, namely:

  • Operational excellent namely the company must be able to Excel in making goods and

  • Customer intimacy that is the company should be able to build the relationships that are intimate with customers.

  • Product leadership, namely became leader product among other products.

The study that also explains how to analyze your competitors and predicting and influencing consumer behavior, how to map out the participants of competition into some strategic groups and predict the most interesting position in the industry.

Further studies that attempted to apply the framework in a wide range of environment an important industry that is called structural devices, include the industry's fragmented, emerging industries, an industry that is undergoing the transition to maturity, the industries were declining and the global industry.

Reviews the discussions

Finally, a review that discusses the important strategic decisions that occur in an industry including vertical integration, capacity expansion and entering an industry.

Stated that this study alone to use skeletons in competitive strategy (competitive strategy) as a starting point. The central theme of this study is how companies can create and maintain the actual competitive advantage in the industry – how the company could implement the generic strategy. The goal is bridging the strategy with the implementation, and not treat both these subjects separately.

Competitive advantage basically grew out of value or benefit that can be created for the company's customers are more than the cost of the company must be removed to create it. The value of this benefit and readily paid by the buyer, and a superior value derived from a quote a lower price than the price of a competitor for the benefits equal or offer unique benefits that exceed the price offered. So there are two basic types of competitive advantage, namely the cost advantages and differentiation. This study outlines how a company can gain cost advantages or how the company can differentiate himself.

Study explain

This study explains how the choice of competitive scope or activities of a company. It can play an important role in determining competitive advantage. Finally, this study to translate the concepts, combine with concepts in the previous study. Into the overall implications for competing strategies, offensive and defensive, including the role of uncertainty in the influence the choice strategic. This study not only discusses the strategies to compete in certain industries. But also corporate strategy for a diversified company.

Competitive advantage in one industry can be greatly amplify by the interrelationships with the business units competing in a number of related industries. If these interrelationships can be truly realize. Interrelationships among the business units is the primary means for the company diversify. To create value (benefits) and thus enforce a pillar for the strategy of the Corporation.

Need to be further examined the relationship among these business units and translate it into a corporate strategy. In addition, it should also explain how to embody the interrelationships in practice despite. The many obstacles the Organization existing in many diversified companies.

The emphasis is on the analysis of competitive strategy of industrial structure and competitors in a variety of industrial environments. Although it also contains a lot of implications for competitive advantage. This study itself began by assuming the existence of an understanding of the industry structure. The behavior of the competitors and emphasize ways of translating these understandings into a competitive advantage. But the Act of creating competitive advantage often have important consequences to the structure and reactions of industry competitors.

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