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causes of poor quality service

Service Quality

This model is widely known as a Model of analysis of the Gap. The model as a survey research tool call service quality. It is based on the thought that consumers can evaluate the quality of service of the company by comparing. The perceptions and expectations of the service. It is seen as a general measurement tools can be use to analyses the causes of the problems of servicing. Even and understand how the quality of services can be improve and refine.

causes of poor quality service
Base on Gaps Model of Service Quality. The discrepancy arises from five kinds of gaps that can be divide into two groups are:

  • One of the gap, namely the fifth gap stems from the Ministry (a customer)

  • four different gaps, namely the first gap up to fourth, source from the side of the provider of the service (management)

The main cause of poor quality

This gap is cause by ignorance of the top management of service expect by customers. This is causes by:

A gap 1 (Gap 1)

The gap between the expectations of the consumer and the consumer's expectations regarding management's perception. This gap occurred because of management's response to the wishes of customers not understanding exactly. So it is not known to form the desire service consumers.

Causative factors gap 1:

  • Not enough market analysis: Market analysis is a major key to be able to understand the desires of the customer. Error in using or not using the results of marketing research can lead to the gap getting bigger.

  • The Relationship between the management of less well with consumers less managers interact directly with customers.

  • The level of personal contacts between and management. The level too much can result in more information being lost or even misinterpretations between the wishes of customers and management.

Gap 2 (Gap 2)

The gap between the perceptions of the management of consumer expectations with quality of service specification. The management may be able to understand the desires of customers. But did not set specific performance standards.

Causative factors gap 2:

  • Lack of management commitment to quality of service on the absence of leadership and commitment. To quality service lead to employees who deal directly with customers to lose direction.

  • Perception of inability/impossibility. Management might consider the importance and needs of the customer are not worth fill with regards to the ability of a company.

  • The lack of a standard assignment. The standardization of duties is difficult because it is not complete routinely.

  • Absence of a goal setting. Goal setting is indispensable as the referrer. So that employees deliver high-quality service consistently.

Gap (Gap 3)

Gap between service quality standard specification and implementation of delivery services. The cause of this gap because the executor service has yet to understand the task. The less skill and the does not meet performance standards. Employees of the company may lack the training or they work beyond the limits of their ability and they are less willing to meet existing standards.

Factors cause the occurrence of a gap of 3:

  1. Indecision employees. Doubts the role of employees is the situation where employees feel hesitant in carrying out the demands of his role.

  2. The occurrence of conflict in performing the role of role Conflict may occur. If employees perceive that they cannot please request of superiors and customers.

  3. Mismatch between the employee and his work Term employees in the discharge of its obligations taken lightly by management.

  4. Technology Mismatch with the work of the high service quality requires the support tools/technologies.

  5. Supervision of the control systems are not appropriate to hold a performance measurement process base on the delivery of services and service outputs.

  6. Lack of value or the spirit of team work teamwork is at the core of the service quality in providing services optimally on customer.

Gap (Gap 4)

Gap between implementation of delivery services and external communications (the promise of the company). This could happen because customers are often influence by the statements of the company. The company's ads promise, giving rise to the existence of a discrepancy between the promise services and services deliver.

Causative factors gap 4:

  1. Communication inadequate horizontal. Less smooth communication within or from conflicts resulting in interdepartmental or function, giving rise to misunderstanding and mutual did not believe.

  2. The difference of between branches or the policies and procedures of the Department in a company to enforce policies. That each branch can create policies and procedures independently. Then the quality of service each branch will be different. While the customers wish obtains the same quality of service in every branch.

The tendency to give excessive promises. The high intensity of the higher competition cause the company experience stronger pressure. This is the condition which causes the company was forced to make an appointment.

The gap (Gap 5) 5

This gap is the gap between the perception of the consumer with the consumer's expectations. Gap occur because the company is not able to deliver what the consumer wants. This gap may also occur because consumers measure performance or achievements of the company in a different way and wrong in the service quality perceives. In order to provide the best quality service on the consumer. Then each company should be willing and able to improve the service quality of each of them.

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