Thursday 22 November 2018

What is Specific course of Action | Process and examples

Specific course of Action. The purpose of this procedure is to establish a uniform method for defining the purpose, contents and format of Organization Inspection System related documentation; and assign responsibilities for establishing and maintaining the documentation.

This procedure applies to all documents defining the Inspection System. The requirements of this Document shall apply to all functions and groups in the Quality, Engineering and Production departments to the degree specify in the procedures except, as limit, delete or change by a specific contract or purchase order.

Quality Manual & Specific course of Action

The purpose of the quality manual is to:

  • State the company's general quality policy as well as the specific policies relate to the main activities comprising the inspection system.

  • Define and describe the inspection system.

  • Define the authorities and responsibilities of personnel affect by the inspection system.

  • Provide general and specific procedures for various activities comprising the inspection system.

The President formulates the general quality policy and approves the quality manual. The Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining the manual. The manual is sign by both the President and the Quality Manager.

Quality Procedures for Specific course of Action

The purpose of Quality procedures is to provide for systems and instructions. To assign specific authorities and responsibilities for carrying out all the main activities comprising the quality system.

Quality procedures are code number, quality procedure standing for Quality Procedure. Any unique number is the number of the ISO 9001 / TS 16949 section. To which a procedure pertains, any unique number is the consecutive number of a procedure.

All the procedures identify the name of the originator and are sign by Quality Engineering, and Production. All procedures are issue by Quality.

Work Instructions

The purpose of work instructions is to guide personnel in performing specific tasks. Such as in-process and final inspection, photo imaging process, etch process and so forth. The distinction between work instructions and Quality procedures. That is an instruction relates to a single specific task. While a procedure regulates a whole activity that is an element of the inspection system. Work instructions are usually prepare by the department that uses them.

Standards and other reference documents

Organization maintains Military standards and other reference material require to manufacture and to operate the Inspection system. The standards are control and maintain by Quality. The library catalog lists titles, years of issue, revision level of all publications use to define manufacturing requirements. The library is inventory and the catalog update yearly. Standards for which there is continuous maintenance service from their publishers are update when revise portions of the standards are receive.

Manufacturing and Quality plans

The purpose of manufacturing plans is to sequence and coordinate manufacturing operations. It will define the equipment need by referencing the applicable work instructions. Quality plans define the inspection/test points and methods, and reference the specific work instructions and/or the applicable standard. Manufacturing and quality plans are primarily document on the traveler sheet and lists all the manufacturing steps and inspection points. A traveler sheet is issue for each work order by Engineering.

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