Wednesday, 14 November 2018

What is job satisfaction

job satisfaction
Job Satisfaction, as the name suggests, is the feeling of contentment or a sense of accomplishment. Which an employee derives from Job. It is a result of appraisal that causes one to attain their job values or meet out their basic needs.

Human resources have an important role to achieve for the company's objectives. Especially the resources of all the companies control by the Human Resource Company. Therefore, each company should take care of HR management.  So that employees can get satisfaction in the work of the desire employees and employees.

Introduction to  job satisfaction

Employee's job satisfaction was not easy because it is completely personal. Everyone has different satisfaction in it. This is in accordance with the satisfaction of satisfaction. In which job satisfaction is an emotional state that employees are not pleasant or enjoyable to look at their work.

It is clear in the attitude of employees, when negative attitudes or positive approaches are negative attitudes negative.

Employee dissatisfaction can be express in many different ways. For example, stop working, complain to employees, draw them on the road or cut off the compulsory part. Job satisfaction is one of those targets that will be receive by every employee in the workplace. Employees are satisfy with moral work, dedication, love and discipline employees. It has become necessary for companies to create job satisfaction for companies.

Factors that may affect job satisfaction

Known factors that affect the job satisfaction of employees. So the work satisfaction conditions will continue. According to well-known experts in the fields of human resources.

There are 6 key factors that affect employees' job satisfaction.

  1. The work itself, the job by which the job provides the person. The opportunity to work for internal work, opportunities for opportunities, and acceptance of relief. Work in itself, employees provide opportunities to accept their job as a job of interest, learning opportunities and responsibilities.

  2. Pay, the amount of financial hard earn. The degree that is shows in the organization just like any other person. Wages or salaries, the answer is the number of financial services employees.  Even the rate that is seeing as the right thing in that organization.

  3. Opportunity for promotion opportunities, progress in hierarchy. The opportunity to promote at a higher position

  4. Supervisory capabilities to provide supervision, support and technical behavioral support. Supervisor's ability to provide inspection, assistance or provide technical assistance.

  5. Colleagues, degrees in which the fellow worker is technically socially supportive. Work co-workers are those levels where co-workers provide support.

  6. Executive status, if the working conditions are good (for example, clean, attractive, surrounding). Employees will find it easier to carry out their jobs. Work conditions, if the employee's working conditions (clean, attractive and pleasurable work environment). May it will make it easier to finish their work. After knowing the factors affecting employees' job satisfaction and hopefully achieves the ideal position.

It is not easy to create job satisfaction for employees, because every employee has positions, hopes and wishes. But for the employees and the company, the ideal conditions for job satisfaction are. The reason for this is that employee's attitudes and emotions towards all aspects of the working environment. It will affect behavior and behavior to complete the given tasks.

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