Tuesday 13 November 2018

Tips for good time management

You might have never visited the seminar on time management, or have gone. And maybe you have read a book or article several times to find out how to set the time correctly.

You can create a series of plans based on a book or a gadget. Which can be specific to the set schedule but do you really need all the gadgets and books? If you cannot set up a job, you are unavailable.

The answer is very simple. All the devices and gadgets you use to set up time will not be useful to you. Before you can set the time for yourself, you must understand the meaning of time. The time of the dictionary or the point at which time is defined is defined.

There are two types of time, clock time and real time In hours, 60 seconds in one minute, 60 minutes in one hour, twenty four hours a day, and 365 days in one year. The faster this time passes. When a 50-year-old man, he is really 50 years old. There is nothing more or less.

In real or real time, it's always related. You can spend time with what you are doing. Factory motor takes two hours or takes twelve years. And twelve years of childhood you can feel like two hours.

The type of the time which represent You in life?

The gadgets, tools and time management systems you are using will not work as all the systems and gadgets you have only set the time on the clock. The clock time is incompatible.

You do not have access at this time. You live in real times, the world runs very fast when you are happy, and it feels slow when you do things you like.

The good news is that it is the real time associated with attitude and mentality. You can make it Whatever you can make, you can definitely set it up. Now is the time to get rid of any kind of suicides and to remove the restrictions. You're always thinking of starting something that "is not enough time" or "is not the right time today".

There are only three ways to spend time: thinking, talking, doing things. Without focusing on the type of business you are currently in, that business will not be different from the third.

As an entrepreneur, the time you have will definitely be divided frequently. When you cannot overcome obstacles, how much time you should spend on obstacles, and you think how long you thought, talk to others and take action for business success.

It should be to 10 techniques to master time management


Bring it on schedule, and think about full content, conversations and activities during the week. By this, you will understand how much you can earn in a day and when a valuable time passes. You will be able to see how much time you spend to achieve results and how much time you will be given to set up non-productive activities.

Time Conversation

All activities that require your success and time must be in conversation. Make a list of jobs if you cannot complete it, you can greatly increase it. Create a schedule for yourself where you can take the time to think and do things that are productive for you. Do this in discipline.

Plan your time

You have to make at least 50% of the plan to make a manufacturer. Plan a time to relax, pull away from the bustles you have. Take the first 30 minutes of the day to day planning.

Do not start before you finish the project activity. The most important moment of the day when you plan on doing it.


Take 5 minutes for each invitation and decision and you should take it. This prompts you to prioritize priority, and you feel that time has not passed quickly.

Monitor activities

Even after 5 minutes of the activity or decisions you make to determine whether the days you specify are sourced on the targets Whether there is a stone changed or not.

Keep on track

Do not hesitate to deny anyone when you really need to do something until you are finished.

Reducing unnecessary time

Study to avoid all incoming telephone calls or simply check e-mail because of mobile phone rings. Do not pay attention if you are not the most decisive in the business. If it determines you really business in the future, you should provide a special schedule to fight it.

Keep away

Not all things related to work like Facebook and other social media, unless you use it to help in the business.

Keep in mind that everything is impossible to finish. And remember that good things make up 20% of the activity, you earn as much as eight percent of the revenue.

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