Thursday 8 November 2018

Purpose of Product Sales Promotion Strategy

The purpose of product sales promotion strategy may be for establishing a strategic system to increase significant volume of sales.

Increase the Volume

Sales promotion strategy is very useful for short term goal to meet the needs of your business. You can do the old stock to spend, reducing existing stockpiles in warehouses or to meet the existing stock in the retailer rate before your competitors to introduce its products.

Sales promotion strategies could also make a "marginal buyer" come buy your product. Marginal buyers are those who buy only when a product or service was "promotional". This is not a marginal buyer is usually frowned upon by the company.

But you don't worry, sales promotion strategies can muster marginal buyers into loyal shoppers, the origin of your product stuck in their hearts.

Increase Buyers effort

Sales promotion strategies can also make potential buyers you come to use your product or service. Potential buyers are people who have never used your product or service or just never used a similar product or service from your competitors.

They will never purchase your products in bulk before know that they like your product or service. And points to potential buyers the importance, is the main source for increasing the volume of your sales. Sales promotion strategies you can do by way of:

  • Provide free samples or coupons to try so that prospective buyers can try your product or service.

  • Provide additional benefits so that your product or service look superior than similar products.

  • Short-term financial benefit. Can purchase installment giving way without interest, surely by paying attention to the situation and condition of your business.

Increase Purchase rate

Sales promotion strategy promotion way back could be used to increase the purchase of fixed or purchase in bulk. Promotional purchases back also you can use to "interfere with" product launch a competitor and make your customers accustomed to using the products you make. You can use effective ways such as:

  • Coupon inside products containing discounts for my next purchase.

  • Use "buy three free one".

  • Or use the "10 coupons for free one".

Improve Loyalty

Different loyalty promotion strategy with sales promotions such as the granting of discounts. Promotion of loyalty is more to give the attraction in the form of long term benefits to the consumer. An example is you give a coupon contains certain benefits. For anyone who gets a coupon will be entitled to become members of the Club in which contains facilities that you provide specifically.

Expand the usefulness

At the time of the early uses of a product or service is starting to disappear, you should immediately extend the usability of your product or service. For example, like my friends do. Business sought to expand the usefulness of taxi the motorbike. He changed the services previously only available to take passengers into shuttle service to school children.

He even adds to its services, namely package sightseeing attractions in product. In addition to the example above, you can also use the way of joint promotion with other companies.

If this one is often I call leverage business or leverage. An example is the granting of coupons from the travel agent travel outbound to the rafting equipment loan for example.

Creates Interest

Sometimes the purpose is considered a product promotion strategy objective is less clear. I myself don't know where less details.

But I think it is useful if you have a product promotion strategy goals like this. Have you ever bored in a routine annual? Purchase a product or service as well as.

They may get bored with a product or service it-that's it. How to order for your consumers not bored is to create interest. You can do product promotion strategy with a completely new way to do things, and people love to do it.

Creating awareness

Some products are very effective promotional strategies to make people aware of a product. If you have, use the sales team to promote your product or service. If sample product promotion strategy is you can do promotions combined with other products or services that are well known in a particular market.

Don't worry about it that way. You will not lose customers simply by "sharing" promotion together. The origin is not in the product or service category.

Distract from the price

One thing I enjoy doing from a product promotion strategy objective is to distract consumers from price so don't get caught up in a price war. A price war can make you run out of steam, get the margins are thin or even your business pieces. Many ways to let consumers you can divert your attention in terms of price. Examples include:

  • Buy three free one.

  • Discount for your next purchase.

  • Packaging contents or offers more, as did the packaging of shampoo sachets, "30% more content".

Get support from intermediaries

Your product or service need the support of intermediaries. What is meant here is the intermediary wholesalers, distributors, agents, retailers or REALTOR. Even customers — can also be called an intermediary if they opt in to recommend your product because content.

You must create measures effective sales promotions to your intermediary. Examples of product promotion strategy are:

  • The Program "member get member" who gave money to the customers when carrying other consumers.

  • Provide a price quote that could make the margin of a distributor, dealer, retailer or your sales higher.

Classify Users

Maybe you're a little strange with the tenth product promotion strategy. The sentence does sound awkward. But to keep the authenticity of the source so I am also not wrong in give it to you, I still use the original sentence.

But the explanation of this kind is logically, discrimination among fellow users allows your business to develop a special package of product, price, distribution and promotion for different categories. If you are still confused, for example like this:

  • You provide special rates for those who are booking earlier or through certain places like come directly to your shop, special reservations via the web or otherwise.

  • A specific group you give a special price that you do not give it to the other group. An example is you give a special price to the children, but that price does not apply to parents and adults, as do bus fleet in the city.

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