Friday 30 November 2018

How to Improve customer satisfaction

Lots of research proves the link between customer satisfaction and company growth. Data collected by Info surf Research are:

  1. 78% of consumers canceled their planned transactions simply because of poor service.

  2. On average, purchases from loyal customers are worth up to 10 times their first purchase.

  3. Probability of sales for new prospects: 5% - 20%. Probability of sales to old customers: 60% - 70%.

  4. 3 out of 5 Americans will try a brand or a new company to get a better service experience.

  5. 70% buying experience is based on how customers feel treated.

But just measuring customer satisfaction alone is not enough. You should use these measurement results to identify and address weaknesses in products, services, systems and processes is a way to increase organizational profitability and growth. It's a pity if your company has measured customer satisfaction, but has never done anything more effective.

Consider the following six ways to effectively use customer satisfaction measurement results:

  1. Identify "risky" customers who do not like your products or services that could potentially invalidate their transactions.

  2. Verify customers who are happy with your product or service that can provide referrals to others. Ask for customer testimonials and leads to grow your business.

  3. Identify the latest trends to make better business decisions to improve the overall customer experience. Understanding customer satisfaction over time can tell you the next business step.

  4. Use expertise to prevent new problems that lead to a better experience for customers. When you find a negative problem in the customer experience, identify where the problem is and find a way to solve it.

  5. Provide trust to employees to improve the services they provide to customers. There is always a link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Putting forward a "customer culture is the ultimate" culture means putting forward a commitment to delivering truly excellent customer service, thereby creating a strong competitive edge and not easily imitated by your competitors.

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