Sunday, 4 November 2018

Basic functions of Human Resource Department

The human resources department of any organization is headed by high officials. It is a department in an organization related to things such as recruiting, training, labor relations and benefits. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management of people to achieve organizational goals. It integrates with other sections for efficient use of tools.

The Human Resources Department performs various tasks from managerial functions to operative tasks. Specifically, the functions are from the time the employee has left the organization. The operations performed by the human resources department or human resources manager are as follows:

Human resource management in General is not much different with management in General, I've discussed thoroughly about management functions on the article. Outline functions MSDM are divided into two, namely:

Managerial Functions

Managerial functions in HR management include:

  • Planning or planning

  • Organizing or Organizing

  • Directing or Briefing

  • Controlling or Control

Operational Functions

Included in operational HR management functions are:

  • The Procurement Workforce/Employees

  • The development of the

  • Integrating

  • Maintenance

  • Compensation

  • Termination of Employment Relationships (LAYOFFS)

Advisory Functions of HR Department

Human Resource Manager can have specialized knowledge, education and training in the management of human relations. So it is very important to be an expert in managing human relationships. Therefore, it can advise on matters related to human resources of the organization. The advice can be top management or departmental head.

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