Saturday 4 August 2018

What is Environmental Cost Accounting

Environmental cost accounting is identification, measurement and allocation of costs environment and integration of costs into business decision making and communicate the results to the company's stockholders.

"The environment is an impact (impact! good monetary and non-monetary activities that must be borne as a result of the activities affect the quality of the environment.  Environmental Accounting, among others & It is the incorporation of information on environmental benefits. As well as  costs into the types accounting practice.


Definition of Environmental Cost Accounting

Is identification, prioritization, quantification, or qualification, and merging environmental costs into business decisions. "the environment" is the environment is the impact. Whether monetary or non-monetary occurs by the results of the company's activities which affects the quality of the environment.

Environmental cost accounting is a systematic cost accounting approach and not only focuses on accounting for environmental protection costs. But also considering the environmental costs of material and energy. Cost accounting the environment shows the real costs of inputs and business processes. Even and ensures their existence cost efficiency and apply to measure quality and service costs.

Environmental accounting identifies, assesses and measures important aspects of company social-economic activities in maintaining environmental quality accordingly with the aim of pliers has been set. So the company does not arbitrarily process resources without regard to the impact on society.

"The costs contain in environmental cost accounting"

the environment can interpret as costs that arise in an effort to achieve goals such as cost reduction an environment that increases income, increases the environmental performance that is need consider now and in the future.

"The environment is the costs incurred by the company in connection with damage to the environment cause and protection carry out. "I am the environment includes both internal costs (to reducing the production process for men reduce environmental impact! or external (related to repairing damage due to waste cause!

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