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quality control and total quality management

quality control and total quality management

Total quality management, often referred to as TQM, is an integrated approach to product quality. The difference between it and product quality is its scope. TQM deals with the entire process of production. ... To make a quality product, all aspects of a firm must be constantly striving for improvement.

In maintaining the production, then it should be in the raw materials guarantee the quality so quality control of products can compete on the market. The results of the production quality is guaranteed if you are not sure could not compete on the market, because product quality is less satisfactory.

The definition above, specialize the meaning of control in the company's products in the field of the quality control is related to the examination as to whether everything has been going according to properly or not and if not, then the need direction or corrective, where actually there are obstacles or barriers, so it is too late.

Quality control on the company product is indeed on the actual goods and services, how to produce something to be able to compete in the market good quality or quality, so that the result of the company not to miss.

Control process for reflect is as nothing to be implemented, evaluate implementation and when carrying out corrective actions in such a way. This means the control function includes all activities that are intended to force events to match the original planning. Affirming what should be planted, production methods what to wear, how much will be produced, if they will buy and sell where will buy and sell.

Here is meant in the presence of the inspection process or the checking of results during the process of production takes place to avoid deviations of the results that do not correspond to the specification products have been determined.

Further clarify the notion of quality control (control of product), then below the definition put forth The Quality control has to be consistent against the supervision of production, in order to achieve the target of quality and quality of production desired by the company.

Quality control and product quality, production and procedures must be observed.

The quality control related to the prevention of the production of goods damaged in existence so that products can be made with the appropriate State. This means in the produce isn't happening labored deviation results. In case of irregularities/damage, then in the section that became the cause of such damage, the repair was held immediately.

Actually, quality control inspection is a procedure that know the process continuously. Assumptions can be expressed about the overall quality of controlling which shows the activities that must be performed in a production process to achieve quality objectives that have been set. Quality control determines which components are damaged is also a tool for management to improve the quality of the product when needed. Consider the higher quality and reduced raw material are broken, so that spared from losses before the production process runs for the loss of two in the evening could be a one-time process.

One thing that is most important in quality control is the inspection (inspection). This inspection is usually carried out using various tools like micro meters, senses and others for reliability.

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