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How to implement Recruitment planning - Human Resources?

Recruitment planning. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure recruitment of staff is carry out to meet with Company and statutory needs.


Budget Planning for Recruitment

The Company shall annually plan their internal needs for the Annam. The annual Budget shall be made by the Human Resource Manager and shall be approve by the General Manager. All recruitment shall be done as per the approve general Budget. When a vacancy is to be fill out. The Human Resource Manager shall first decide whether the shortage should be fill out from within the company before recruiting from outside.

If it is impossible to fill the man power need within the Company. The H.R. Manager shall be responsible to recruit the manpower form outside. If the vacancy is a replacement, it shall be prove with the letter of resignation. It should be of that particular employee with sufficient explanation. This letter shall be sign by the Supervisor, Production Manager and this authorize officer shall be vary according to the Department.

Recruitment Request: planning phase

All recruitment shall be done as per the approve Annual General Budget.  In the event a department requires additional manpower which is not budget. The department Head shall fill Additional Manpower Requisition Form and submit it to the Human Resource Manager.

A special approval shall be obtain from the General Manager & Managing Director for such purposes.
employee requisition form

Recruitment Operations

If the Human Resource Manager decides it is essential to conduct a recruitment operation the Human Resource Department shall arrange it as follows:

  • Identify the potential for attracting prospective employees form certain Identify areas the country.

  • The Recruitment Cost shall not exceed than define in cost management per employee.

  • However, if the above cost is to exceed the approve limit, the Human resource manager shall obtain prior approval from the Managing Director.

  • The Human Resource Manager shall be responsible for all Recruitment Operations and he shall ensure that all legal needs are comply with during the Operation.

  • The Company shall be register with an authorize Vocational Training Institute to recruit employees. The Human Resource Manager shall decide the need for the recruitment through any Vocational Training Institute and transmit the proposal to the Managing Director.

When the proposal is approve the Human Resource Manager shall contact the Training Center. With the relevant information on manpower needs. Where require the Company may undertake sponsorship events for such vocational Training Institutes. In return for the recruitment service under which it is register.

Recruitment through third party reference

The Company shall also use the services of employment agents to obtain carder. No other additional payment shall be paid and no assistance shall be given to the agent for advertising. Cost per employee shall be revise periodically with the consent of the Managing Director.

The Company shall encourage the existing employees to introduce prospective employees to fill the Company’s recruitment needs. Human resource department & Admin Department shall confirm that each new employee is joining the company for the first time and has not work in this company before.

Records & Document Management

Human resources & Admin department and finance department shall maintain a record of above payments to ensure that no double payments occur. All the employees who bring new employees shall inform to the human resources department on the same day. Also it shall be confirm by the nominee on the recruit day in written in the application form give by the company.

No payments shall be make for late confirmations other than the confirmations receive on the recruit day.  Company shall not pay any other additional payment nor shall any assistance be give other than to the above payment to the employee. Who finds employees for its recruitment needs. Cost per employee shall be revise periodically with the consent of Managing Director.

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