Thursday, 10 May 2018

The 4M Checklist

What is 4M Checklist?

4M management method is the use of management engineering methods. The 4M Checklist is essential part to complete the perfect implementation.  4M is the ISO quality management system in one of the elements. It means: Manpower (Manpower); Machine (machine); Material (material); Method (methods, techniques).

4M Checklist

Man (Operator)

  1. Does he follow standards?

  2. Is his work efficiency acceptable?

  3. Is he problem-conscious?

  4. Is he responsible? (Is he accountable?)

  5. Is he Qualified?

  6. Is he experienced?

  7. Is he assigned to the right job?

  8. Is he willing to improve?

  9. Does he maintain good human relations?

  10. Is he healthy?

All human resources related matter such as direct labor & indirect labor, hiring & firing, training, wages & benefits, knowledge & experiences, etc should roll under this category.

Machine (Facilities)

  1. Does it meet production requirements?

  2. Does it meet process capabilities?

  3. Is the oiling (greasing) adequate?

  4. Is the inspection adequate?

  5. Is operation stopped often because of mechanical trouble?

  6. Does it meet the specifications?

  7. Does it make any unusual noises?

  8. Is the layout adequate?

  9. Are there enough machines/facilities?

  10. Is everything in good working order?

Anything related to equipment, testers, jigs, fixtures, calibrations, specifications of the machine, templates, pallets, tables & chairs, tools, etc.


  1. Are there any mistakes in volume?

  2. Are there any mistakes in grade?

  3. Are there any mistakes in the brand name?

  4. Are there impurities mixed in?

  5. Is the inventory level adequate?

  6. Is there any waste in material?

  7. Is the handling adequate?

  8. Is the work-in-process abandoned?

  9. Is the layout adequate?

  10. Is the quality standard adequate?

This applies to both direct & indirect materials.  Direct materials are the list of materials that is listed in the BoM (Bill of Material). They can be easily counted.  Indirect materials are materials that are not listed in the BoM (Bill of Material). Alternatively, they can be items that are difficult to count. For example, the materials that are in liquid, semi-solid and powdery form.


  1. Are the work standards adequate?

  2. Is the work standard upgraded?

  3. Is it a safe method?

  4. Is it a method that ensures a good product?

  5. Is it an efficient method?

  6. Is the sequence of work adequate?

  7. Is the setup adequate?

  8. Are the temperature and humidity appropriate?

  9. Are the lighting and ventilation adequate?

  10. Are the interfaces with the previous and next process clearly defined?

Any methods, instructions, specifications, guide, tolerance, etc.

4m manufacturing checklist


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