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Types Of Information

Types Of Information

Types of Information - A typical organization has six of information systems with each supporting a specific organizational level.
Within the Manager company needed many different types of information in order to support decision-making processes, both by top management (leadership), managers of the various areas of functional and operational activities.

Therefore, the absolute information processing needs to be done with as best as possible so that the collected information, earned and distorted that are easily traced in information processing required must meet the requirements of completeness immediacy, reliability and trust.

The implementation of the various functional areas, the types of information that can be shared, as follows:


Information economics, that information is included in this field about the level of economic growth, capital investment, both foreign and domestic market conditions, information about the various commodity, financial and monetary policy conducted Government information on the capital market, information about the direction of the Industrial will be accomplished in a certain period in the future, information about the procedure of import and export a wide range of information. Even well informed of developments in the field of politics.


The information in the fields of politics, this information as it comes to the Government, the rule of power among some political power, frequency organizer elections, the trend of a certain political party, policy formulation in the national elections, won the bureaucratic structure of the State Government, the legal system of legislation in force and other similar establishments that have to do with the political sphere including politics abroad.


Closely related to the information in the field of politics, in the business world also needs to have information on the situation of security and public order including estimation about the possibility of disorder either because the factors contained in country as well as from outside, whether the shape is still in the form of barriers, in the form of threats. They are important because the implications against the tranquility of trying.


Information about the environment, the information in question here include information on natural resources, the Government's policy about its utility, national discretion in environmental policy including preservation about pollution water, air pollution, the basic policy of recycling industrial waste reforestation, provision of various types of land policy.


Information about the feel it raw materials and raw materials to processed into specific products, this information is whether raw materials or raw materials that are relatively abundant or relatively step, who is handle it, there is a trend where suppliers Act vis a vis a certain manufacturers, such as purchasing supplies in terms of the time of submission and quality assurance.


Information about the behavior of the rivalry that might be encountered, the intended behavior of the competitors in entering the information, promote and sell their products, whether to stick to the norm and ethical or not or whether thus tend to adhere unhealthy view using techniques-techniques are often referred to as a zero sum game,


Information about the target group in society that is so on target marketing, promotion and sale of a particular product.

The information required includes information about theoretical issues concerned, namely at the level of education, type of occupation, income level, gender, age group, marital status, status of great small family member that became the main breadwinner coverage.

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