Friday 23 March 2018

Principles of analysis

Principles of analysis

How can your product be successful in the market if you do not know how the product really can meet the needs of consumers? This is the importance of needs analysis.

Needs analysis is define as a formal process that focuses on how a product meets human needs. While this is not an official business development tool, it is consider a valuable analytical technique to better measure the selling power of a product or service to the consumer.

6 principles of analysis

Back again to the analysis of your product or service needs, what to do? Here are 6 principles in Needs Analysis:

  1. Customer opinion is very important to unite the opinions of different design teams and each stands. The opinion of the customer or the end user is certainly more important than the wishes of your design team.

  2. Market research is crucial to bring together diverse customer opinions, use quantitative and qualitative research to find the best direction for product and service design.

  3. Draw the attention of the lowest market group. Marketing to the target consumer group with the lowest ability usually generates the largest potential market. Remember, keep it simple .

  4. Perform a comprehensive beta test of your product over a long period of time to allow for adequate adjustments before "wrapping" your product for the final stages.

  5. Immediately monitor feedback or feedback from customers after product launch, address shortfalls quickly and keep accurate records. To apply to future releases, if not immediately address in the current product.

  6. What about product design? This is the last thing that also needs to be address in the needs analysis. Because different and elegant packaging will place your product on the products of your competitors.

It is often use in many industries, such as software development, automobiles, consumer products, to banking services. Initially, needs analysis is apply to software development, along with research on elements represent in a system. Where needs analysis focuses on the software operating system as well as peripherals. Such as keyboard and mouse - are directly use by end users, and therefore, affect end-user's end-perception of the product.

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