Sunday, 11 February 2018

how to Increasing Employee Engagement

Empowerment, or known "empowerment" is a term that is quite popular in the world of management. This term emphasizes the involvement, participation of all team members. Every employee is expect to have the ability, be directly involve and have influence over their work. This includes their ability to make decisions about when they work, how they do the work, and what their priorities are.

Employee Engagement

If you are an executive or a leader in a company, you do not need to panic when it comes to handing control to the team. The direct correlation between authority and employee involvement is always linear. Organizations with high employee engagement are organizations that give employees equal authority. Well, if you initiate team empowering, you can start by making minor changes to some things.

4 Steps are:

  1. First, the pattern of communication. Start communicating openly to your employees. Do not hide anything, make the policy 100% transparent. If the employee gives negative feedback, then return it to the team and ask for help to them. Even if you know what's best, keep an open dialogue to encourage team involvement.

  2. Second, provide visual work or job boards. By introducing simple visual tools such as a whiteboard to view projects or task specifications that people are working on, you can help the team get involve in capacity planning. Their employees and teams naturally start supporting each other in the work as they know what others around them are doing.

  3. Third, ask more questions. Questions have more power than just answers or directions. The more leaders say to subordinates, the likelihood of hearing even more employees. By asking what their ideas mean you are helping to involve them in identifying the work they need to do.

  4. Fourth, add face-to-face intensity. Spend fifteen minutes for a meeting, discuss the day's plans and most importantly give everyone the opportunity to open up, whatever is on their minds.

The involvement of team members will depend on the leadership pattern you choose. For organizations and leaders who have successfully introduce empowerment. Employees will automatically dedicate their time and thought to be involve in every work process so that the productivity of the company increases. No need to doubt, you can prove it yourself!

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