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Training methods

Training methods
Training methods is a process of learning through a sequence of program behavior. It is aim at increasing the skills and knowledge with a view to doing a particular job. After the determination of training needs, setting, training objectives, and designing training programs, the training programs need to be implement.

The basic purpose of training is to fill the gap between the present capabilities of an employee and the requirements of a job. In this regard, we can assume numbers of training methods. The selection of best method depends upon the purpose and objective of training. The most commonly use training methods are as follows:There are two principal categories: management training program:

Practical methods

The techniques of "on the job training" exercise method is the most widely use. Employees are train about the new job with direct supervision, a "coach" who is experience. These various techniques commonly use in practice are as follows:

  1. Rotation of the post of an exercise by giving employees the knowledge of the parts of the different organizations and the practice of a wide range of managerial skills.

  2. Exercise instructions work is an exercise by giving work instructions given directly on the job and is use primarily to train employees about how the execution of the job now.

  3. Internship is an exercise by providing the learning process from one or a few people who have experience.

That approach can be combine with exercises "off job training". Almost all employees (care off) craftsmen, such as carpenters and a plumber or plumbing expert, train with formal internship programs. Acceptance and internship is another form of internship programs.

Briefing an exercise with the supervisor or employer provides guidance and direction to employees in the performance of their regular work. Supervisor and employee relationship so that subordinates are similar to dirty-student relationship.

Temporary Assignment is an exercise by providing placement of employees in managerial positions or as a member of the Committee for a certain period of time specify.

Simulation Method

With this method the employee participants practice a mock representation of (artificial). An aspect of the Organization and request to respond as in the actual circumstances. Among the simulation methods most commonly use are as follows:

Case study Method

A written description of a situation of real decision-making is provide. The select organization aspects outline on sheet case. Employees who engage in this type of exercise was ask to identify issues, analyze situations and formulating alternative settlements. With the method instances, employees can develop their decision-making skills.

Rotation Position

This technique is an equipment that allows employees (participants of exercise) to play a variety of different roles. Participants were assign to a specific individual who is depict in a period and ask to respond to other participants of a different role. In this case there is no problem governing talks and conduct. The effectiveness of these methods depends heavily on the ability of participants to play the role (as far as possible in accordance with reality) that was assign to him. Role playing technique can change the attitudes of participants such as e.g. be more tolerance of individual differences, and develop skills, interpersonal skills (good interpersonal skill).

Game business

Business (management) game is a simulation of a small scale decisions made in accordance with the real business life. The game business is usually done with the help of complex computer calculations to work out the necessary calculations. The game in a system with rules surely derive from economic theory or of study business operations or industry in detail. The participants play the "game" by deciding the price of the product to be market, how large the budget sales, who will be withdrawn and so on. The goal is to train employees (or Manager) in decision-making and how to manage the operations of the company.

Training room

In order for the exercise program did not interfere with normal operations, organizations using the vestibule training. This form of exercise is not perform by the supervisor (supervisor), but by special trainers. Separate areas were built with different types of equipment will be the same as those use on the job.

Exercise laboratory

This technique is a form of group exercise that is primarily use to develop interpersonal skills. One form of the famous laboratory exercise is exercise sensitivity where participants learn to be more sensitive (sensitive) towards the feelings of others and the environment. This exercise is useful to develop a variety of behavior on the job responsibilities for the future.

Executive development programs

These programs are usually held at universities or other institutions. The organization can send their employees to attend special packages offer; or in collaboration with an institution to organize is specifically a form of exercise, education or upgrading according to needs of the organization.

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