Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Do you have a project management app?

many companies have many projects, large and small. and there are fact that these projects are managed in a variety of ways.

some projects may be managed by microsoft excel.

so what tools do you use to manage your project thoroughly and make your project a success? the answer is a project management app.

as the name 2010, the project management app is a dedicated tool dedicated to project management, so it has the ability to smoothly manage each project, project leader, and team member.

in this installment, we'll show you the benefits of implementing a project management app for your organization and team.

benefits of introducing project management apps

  1. 1.be able to flexibly respond to project planning and planning changes
  2. as a prerequisite for project management, you need a system that can respond flexibly to plan changes. this is because most projects don't go as initially planned, and frequent planning changes often occur.

so can excel handle these plan changes? the answer is yes, and excel is not flexible enough to respond to frequent planning changes.

when a plan change occurs, excel must manually reflect each change and review the overall schedule adjustment. it wouldn't be practical to create a schedule that uses macros to auto-adjust.

because of this, although initial planning is still good for project management at excel, there are many cases where the plan changes are not reflected correctly and are ultimately left behind.

because project management is managed correctly, it is still essential to be flexible with planning changes.

in that regard, the project management app makes it easy to make plan changes by dragging drop, and automatically adjusts the overall schedule, so it is simple and easy to respond to plan changes.

you can manage your schedule correctly until the end of the project, making it easier to plan and manage your performance.

2. manage progress using high-level gantt charts

many of you may be creating gantt charts in excel. in particular, new employees are often satisfied with the fact that they have created a gantt chart. but you'll notice every time you use that gantt chart. "is this able to manage the schedule correctly?"

as mentioned above, excel tends to be weak against plan changes. in other words, gantt charts are also vulnerable to change.

since gantt charts are for intuitively managing project progress in the first place, planning and task changes must be reflected correctly. it is difficult in excel, so it is very common to create a chart and finish it.

the gantt chart created in the project management app is designed to be as detailed as excel, such as ease of viewing, flexibility, and ease of operation. in the first place, it is a tool dedicated to project management, so it is natural, but it is important for smooth project management.

3. set the order of work between tasks to support the correct project promotion

in order to move the project forward correctly, it is important to organize the order of work between tasks and proceed correctly. you can also organize and manage work sequences to identify bottlenecks that are hindering the progress of your project.

in that sense, work order management with the project management app is an advantage that supports smooth project promotion.

4. project leaders can see the load status of each team member

the project team has a large number of members involved, but the workload is not always constant. perhaps because you don't know exactly how much work you need to do for each task, even if you distribute the tasks well in the initial plan, the load is often concentrated on a specific member as a result.

as a project leader, you need to know exactly what the load is for each team member and adjust the load as needed. however, some members do not report it, even if there is a heavy load.

this leads to problems such as delays in the entire project, or an increase in overhead costs and a decrease in profit margins.

the project management app allows you to chart the load status of each team member, so that project leaders know exactly what's going on.

5. integrate and manage multiple projects to make overall planning adjustments

as your organization grows, more than one project is often running at the same time. in addition, there may be cases where each project is not independent, but is ultimately integrated as a large project.

if you can integrate and manage multiple projects, you can also make overall planning adjustments.

for example, if you are assembling multiple parts together to create a single product, if the development of individual parts is moving as an independent project, problems arise during final assembly. to avoid these problems, you need to consolidate and manage multiple projects and make overall planning adjustments at all times.

some project management apps also provide tools to enable such integrated management to support project management for general managers and managers.

6. facilitate smooth communication on the system

the problem of a project failure is often that communication was not smooth. it is necessary to have a mechanism to facilitate communication in various situations such as multiple projects, departments, project leaders, and teams.

Many project management apps support communication management on the system. Managing Q&A in a database instead of email, or using chat tools to communicate quickly, will help you communicate more actively across your organization.


Project management apps offer a variety of products, so the benefits of implementing them are not limited to this. For example, SI Object Browser PM can perform high-quality project management corresponding to the knowledge area of PMBOK 10.

if you're not currently doing project management with a dedicated application, why not consider introducing a project management app?

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