Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The differences between leaders and managers

Starting an adventure career, everyone has a desire for an imminent promotion and getting a good position. Want to finally to have people under me, and not a continuous drag someone else's car. What a beautifully have on the card title Team Manager, and is currently more trends Manager. Cool to be high and make more interesting money.

I'm curious how many people realize what it means exactly to be Manager and gives or the Council see the relationship between being a Manager and a leader. This theme of intercede on workshop in today's installment.

leaders and manager

On the Internet there are many eruptive publications on this topic. I decided to present a concise meaning. After a brief search I found one definition:

"Manager-the person who has the authority of formal and position resulting from the nomination, which is the formal authorization of the owner to dispose of the company's resources, that is, to manage it."

In other words, this is captured/given to the entry in the hierarchy with the specified authority. It may be a Director, Manager or foreman. For each of these management "means a set of activities (including planning, decision making, organizing, leading or directing people, controlling) aimed at enterprise resources (human, financial, material and information) carried out with a view to achieving the objectives of the Organization in a way that is efficient and effective "

Now the question for 100 points. Who is leader of the aka leader? The answer to this are the words of John c. Maxwell "Leader is the one who knows the way, follows it and shows it to others." This is not a formal function, therefore, but rather a certain ability, skill or characteristic endearing themselves and motivate people to action, create a development vision, direction and leadership. Subordination is totally voluntary, resulting from inner magnetism. This can be described as an authority that can outgrow the importance of position.

Leadership and management are linked together, but do not overlap. The difference between leaders and managers rely mostly on the difference the tasks and skills. The task of the leader is the designation of the far and an ambitious target and mobilize subordinates to follow in that direction, while the Manager should manage running processes, focus on observation results, compare them with the correct deflection. A good Manager is the leader.

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