Thursday, 6 July 2017

Why Performance Appraisal important in business

Performance evaluation is a regular review of employee job performance and overall contributions to the company. Also known as the Annual Review, Performance Review or Appraisal, or Employee Evaluation.

Performance appraisal must be seen as an intrinsic part of a manager’s responsibility and not an unwelcome and time-consuming addition to them.  It is about improving performance and ultimate effectiveness.
Why Performance Appraisal important in business


Importance of performance appraisal

Today’s working climate demands a great deal of commitment and effort from employees. Who in turn naturally expect a great deal more from their employers.  Performance appraisal is design to maximize effectiveness by bringing participation. To more individual level in that it provides a forum for consultation about standards of work, potential, aspirations and concerns.

It is an opportunity for employees to have significantly greater influence upon the quality of their working lives.  In these times of emphasis on “quality”, there is a natural equation: better quality goods and services from employees who enjoy better quality “goods and services” from their employers.

Performance appraisal is a systematic means of ensuring that managers and their staff meet regularly to discuss post and present performance issues and to agree what future is appropriate on both sides.

This meeting should be base on clear and mutual understanding of the job in question and the standards and outcomes, which are a part of it.  In normal circumstances, employees should be appraisal by their immediate managers on one to one basis.

Often the distinction between performance and appraising is not to makes.  Assessment concerns itself only with the past and the present.  The staff is being appraise when they are encourage to look ahead. To improve effectiveness, utilize strengths, redress weaknesses and examine. Even how potentials and aspirations should match up.

It should also be understanding that pushing a previously prepare report across and desk cursorily inviting comments. Expecting it to be neatly sign by the employee is not appraisal. This is merely a form filling exercise which achieves little in terms of giving staff any positive guidance and motivation.

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