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Operational Costs

Operational Costs

To produce something and usually have constraints in structure the product result of factor operational costs, because the cost is the object that becomes an obstacle in addition to labor from the production activities. The cost of operations in the broad sense is a certain amount of sacrifice of economic resources is measured in units of money that had become possible or will occur for a particular purpose.

In relation to the understanding of operational costs in a broad sense as follows:

  1. Cost is the sacrifice of economic resources
  2. Measured in units of money
  3. That has happened or will happen to potential piece
  4. The sacrifice for a particular purpose.

The cost in a narrow sense, can be defined as the sacrifice of economic resources to acquire assets. To distinguish the notions of costs in a broader sense, the sacrifice of economic resources to acquire these assets referred to by the term "cost of goods". If the sacrifice of economic benefits produced no source, then sacrifice a loss. If the entrepreneur has issued operational costs but sacrifice does not bring profit (revenue), then the sacrifice of these so called remedies.

In further detail the method of work measurement techniques can be used for such purposes, as follows:

  1. Evaluating the implementation of the work of employees. In the implementation of this evaluation can be done through comparison of the real output over a period of a certain output with standard time specified from the allocation of manpower.
  2. Determine the level of certainty, for a particular activity in the use of manpower and equipment available (and infrastructure), then a work measurement standards can be used to determine the level of certainty which should be available raw materials in stock.
  3. Sets the level of wages or incentives, using the term wages and incentives, employees who receive payments more for greater output. Standard time behind their incentive plans include 100 percent of output.

 Operational costs & its Management

The more sophisticated technology to make the system operational at the hotel has a number of options that can be applied either alone or simultaneously, for more details - The implementation of the operational Depending on the demands of the needs of an enterprise. There are three (3) technology used to record activities, as follows:

The operation of the German

Operation in the German dominated the activities of hospitality worldwide before the year 1920 until around the seventies. Meanwhile in Indonesia, hotel operation manually this is all the data from the reporting system still uses handwritten in filling forms. Manually of course blank form already printed.

Semi-automatic Operation

This semi-automatic system commonly referred to also as the electronic system, i.e. combining the manual way with computerized/use other electronic equipment. Weakness in the system is semi-automatic equipment because it is difficult to learn, complicated in the operation is not integrated with other systems.

 Automatic Operation/computerized

All of the guest logging already carried out automatically by computerized programs for special purposes that are linking to each other. Thus, at one party system in the desired data can be interwoven with each other.

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