Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Development Of Employee

Development Of Employee

A development is an attempt to improve the technical, theoretical, conceptual, and the morale of employees in accordance with the needs of the job/position through education and the exercise.

Education is essentially a process of human resources development that is more theoretical and conceptual aims to improve the technical skills of the implementation task of the employees. While the exercise is the process of human resources development to improve the mastery of a wide range of skills and techniques of implementing specific work in a relatively short time.

There are 8 types of objectives in the development of human resources:

  1. Productivity (Productivity of personnel and organization)
  2. Quality (product quality organization)
  • Human Resource Planning (human resources Planning)
  • Morale (the spirit of the personnel and organizational climate)
  • Compensation (compensation Increase indirectly)
  • Health and safety (mental health physical dam)
  • Obsolescence Prevention (prevention of deterioration of personnel)
  • Personnel Growth (the growth capability of personnel individually)

Having regard to the purpose of the development, then the conclusion may be taken also benefits a human resources development program are:

  1. Increased work productivity
  2. Reduction of waste
  3. Reduce the presence and turn over employees
  4. Improve the working method and system
  5. Improve services
  6. Develop employee moral
  7. Employee career enhancement
  8. Conceptual and leadership
  9. Improve communication and
  10. Increase versatile knowledge employees

Institutions will always try to improve the productivity of work its officers. When agencies should always be sought so that employees have a spirit and passion to work high. The spirit and passion of a high work expected jobs completed properly and quickly.

Implementation Phase

An agency that is able to enhance the spirit and passion of his work will benefit. The passion and the excitement and passion of work declining means agencies will suffer losses. It is said that the spirit and excitement of work can increase productivity. Other conditions not so effect on productivity as in all work done with machines that just follow a program and not a lot of consideration.

Understanding the passion and excitement of the work is doing more work and thus can be expected to work will be faster and better, are the excitement of the work is a deep pleasure against work done.

Work achievement is the value obtained by someone from the execution of a job, which can be measured by looking at the results obtained from the implementation of the work.

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